Interesting facts about gold

The history of mankind and gold are closely related. Because of gold, wars began and whole states were destroyed, the thirst for gold moved progress and forced a person to open new lands, this precious metal lay and underlies the economy of many states, in the end, it is not for nothing that gold medals are considered to be the highest achievement in the Competition. Many facts are known about gold, and we will tell about the most interesting of them in this selection.

1. In one ton of old cell phones, more than gold is contained than in one ton of golden ore.

2. If we were able to take all the gold contained in the ocean water, then for each person in the world would have to 4 kg of gold.

3. There is an opinion that the sailors wore gold earrings in the ears not just for the sake of decoration. If they drown and the body will be carried ashore, the gold earrings will serve as a fee that they are buried on the Christian custom.

4. Golden Olympic medals contain only 1% gold.

5. Most gold contained in the earth's crust was listed on our planet with fallen meteorites.

6. When the land was only formed, heavy elements were lowered to the center. That is why most gold on Earth is contained in his core.

7. Gourmets during ice cream meal use gold spoons to exclude the aftertaste, which occurs after contacting cold with

Metal spoons.

8. Lego employees who worked in it for more than 25 years, received a LEGO-designer cube as a gift made of pure gold.

9. SUSAL GOLD (very, very thin sheets of gold) can be used!

10. Gold can be found on any continent.

11. Eucalyptus sheets contain tiny gold particles.

12. Everything ever produced gold around the world can easily fit into three Olympic swimming pools for swimming.

13. Almost half of the world in the world of gold mined in the Withersrand deposit, South Africa.

14. There is a disease of Aurophobia - the fear of gold.

15. Housewives in India is in the form of decorations about 11% of all gold in the world. This is more than the golden stock of the US, Switzerland and Germany combined.

16. The largest gold ingot in the world weighs 250 kg.

17. The body of each person contains about 2 mg of gold, which is dissolved in the circulatory system.