Greta Oto - Butterfly with transparent wings

Butterflies are beautiful themselves. And if they have transparent wings, then beautiful is doubly. And such an unusual view of the butterflies called Greta Oto (Greta OTO) really exists. Through her wings, it is possible to really look at the world around the world, as if through the glass, so the second name of the insect is a glass butterfly. You can see a wonderful insect in the tropical forests of Argentina and Mexico.

The unusual effect of transparency is due to the lack of colored scales in the middle of the butterfly wings. At the edges of the butterflies Greta, there is a brownish or tin color.

The caterpillar of a glass butterfly, in contrast to its winged embodiment, is not transparent, but dark color with a reddish tint. Before becoming a butterfly, the insect is actively feeding on poisonous plants and accumulates to poisonous alkaloids in the tissues: in the future, the bird, eating the caterpillar or the butterfly, Greta, will regret it.