Albatross Wezdom. The oldest of famous science of wild birds gave birth to 65 years

When a person exchanges the seventh decade, he is not careful not about his children, but about his grandson. What you can not say about Albatross (and, more precisely, Albatrosich) named Izdom, in 2016, celebrating his 65th anniversary and gave birth to his new chick!

Wezdom is the oldest of famous science of wild birds. Albatros arrives annually for nesting on the Midway atoll in the Pacific, where it has been fixed by scientists for 60 years in a row. And in recent years, the bird appeared popular now the accessory - an electronic bracelet on the foot, which fixes its location, flights and many other useful information. The average life expectancy of Albatross is about 30 years, but weased is a real long-lived, which every year does not cease to delight the scientific community, returning to the atoll.

Biologists are familiar with the yaser since 1956, when the scientist Chandler Robbins first examined the bird and brought it into the registry, noting that she had about 5 years old and she must have been born in 1951. Since then, Iproducom raised 35 chicks and survived several of their partners. With his current partner by name, they have been together for several years, however, scientists cannot say for sure how many male years.

At the end of 2015, the scientific community had a joyful news - Albatross as a new egg raises, and soon in the large family of Albatrosov, there was a small, but important replenishment - the chick of the oldest of famous wild birds was born. Biologists do not worry about the life of the chick: in this situation, the large maternal experience of wesent will be just by the way, and it will not make those fatal mistakes that young Albatrosse are committed by ignorance, which leads to the death of chicks.

In the meantime, the ornithologists of the whole world carefully monitor mom and chick, hoping to reconcile them again next year.