The Chinese farmer lost all his savings due to ... Termites

This story occurred with a 60-year-old Chinese farmer named Qi Schangle, living in China's central part in Sichuan province. Every month after the salary of q, I postponed some money about the reserve and, saving 20, 000 yuan (about $ 3000), I decided to hide them into a secluded place to get in case of need. The farmer decided that it would be more reliably to put money in the bank, but to keep them at hand, therefore divided bills into two stacks, carefully spacked each in polyethylene and put a depth of 15 cm in a hole, which he dug in the floor in the far corner of his bedroom . Thoroughly merging, qi did not touch his savings for two years.

Before the Chinese New Year, in February, Qi needed money (by the way, do you know why the new year in China is celebrated in February?) And he climbed to open the cache. But what disappointment was waiting for a farmer when he saw that almost all bills were expressed by termites, namely, white ants.

In despair qi went to the bank, where he hoped to exchange spoiled bills, but only 600 yuan were recognized among them. When asked why qi did not put all savings in the bank, he replied that he did not like all bank formalities and constantly forget his individual bank password.

So I would stay qi Schangle with his misfortune one on one, but his case was widely publicized in the Chinese media and attracted the attention of the artist from Beijing. He agreed to redeem all bills at the farmer, paying the initial cost of 20, 000 yuan for them. The artist's exposed to termitic banknotes is going to show at its exhibition to show people a danger of storing money at home.

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