Markan goats and argany prickly

Argany prickly growing in Algeria and Morocco - not the most beautiful tree in the world. It is covered with a rough bark, which is very easy to scatter, and its transfer and branches are deprived of the grace and grow without any symmetry to each other. But the fruits of argian barbed, which ripen once a year, contain a large amount of argan oil, which is also used in cooking, and in cosmetology, and drugs.

And these fruits are very familiar with the marocan goats, who are ready to go literally to all to get a cherished delicacy.

Seeing the tree, on the branches of which there is a whole flock of goats, you might think that the animals are crazy. But this is not at all: goats are purposefully moving to the farthest twigs of the tree to get juicy fruit with plenty of fat and pulp.

Along with the Argan oil exported from Morocco to all countries of the world, the marocan goats became one of the main attractions of this little African country.