Why cauldron can have Padal?

In many cultures, the worlds vulture is considered a bird that brings unhappiness. Many superstitions and gloomy stories are connected with it, and all due to the fact that the vulture has a unique feature: there is rotten meat and fell without prejudice to his own health.

Try to hold meat in the sun for several days so that it starts to rot, and then eat it. The best than this experiment will end is the strongest stomach disorder, followed by its washing in the hospital and the course of antibiotics. The vulture will be able to eat the same piece of meat without problems, remaining full and satisfied. Moreover, he may have meat of animals who died from Siberian ulcers, rabies and even the plague! It is not surprising that vultures for centuries instilled in people such horror. Imagine: all the cattle and most of the villagers died from the plague, and the handful of survivors observes how the vultures quietly fly and beat the bodies of the dead.

The presence of such amazing skills in the vultures is due to the high acidity of the gastric juice, in which all pathogenic microorganisms die. To measure the acidity of the gastric juice, we use pH units, which vary from 0 to 14, where the zero value indicates the maximum possible acidity. And if a person has a gastric juice acidity level varies from 3 to 1 and can take theoretically maximum value of 0, 86 pH, then the pH should range between 0 and 1.

The acidity of the gastric juice of the griff is so high, even some metals can dissolve, not to mention the pathogenic bacteria. But even if the bacterium somehow was able to survive in such an extreme medium, it will have to face the immune system of the poultry bird, which is one of the strongest among all vertebrates. The number of pathogenic microorganisms that are really dangerous for the vultures can be counted on the fingers.

The question arises: why nature is so unfair and rewarded the vultures of such a formidable antimicrobial weapon, and humanity is not? With evolution, you can't argue: the vultures for centuries have fed on the treasures of dead animals, increasing protection and strengthening immunity. Natural selection helped them to occupy a niche of the most successful chapels than they successfully use. But, of course, you should not forget that the vultures are not some terminators, but ordinary living beings, and for them there is also a limit when the food should not be eaten. But even if the meat is in detail, the Gryph will find a way out of the position and will eat ... bones that do without problems dissolve in its stomach. At the same time, by the way, the bird receives even more nutrients than when consuming fresh meat.

You might think that vultures eating a rotten or infected meat are carriers of many dangerous diseases. The faith in it was everywhere distributed in the old days and periodically meets until now. But statistics stubbornly says back: in the territories where the population of the vultures is reduced, the number of outbreaks of dangerous diseases is growing. Explain this is easy: the dissemination of the disease in the area where vultures live, usually ends at the place of the meal of these birds. If there are no vultures - the disease applies to the territory. Moreover, the vultures have a habit to be practiced right while eating. And since the products of its livelihoods also have increased acidity, the santic bird literally disinfects the remains of the deceased animal. At the same time, by the way, the feces fall into the paws of the griff, which he could be trapped by the victim. Blood and pus during the eating meat flows from the body of the grid with the help of a special feathers "collar" on the bird's neck, and with bacteria that may remain on the wings, the vulture struggles in a peculiar way: sprawles the wings and warmly warms them in the sun, giving them ultraviolet radiation kill.

It turns out, the vultures are not only unique, but also extremely useful birds, to take care of whose populations are beneficial for humans.