Dragonfly - record holder for the very long migration among insects

Dragonflies of the Pantala Flavescens (Ruspan - Rus.) Wide all over the world - they can be found in Australia, in Japan, in Korea, in North and South America, in Africa, in India ... so widespread The insect attracted the attention of scientists who decided to check how much the genome of Pantala Flavescens, living, say, in Australia, from the genome Pantala Flavescens, which flies in North America. It turned out that they are practically identical on all continents, which could not be a simple coincidence and is the result of crossing the dragonfly of this type with partners from other continents. This could not happen if the dragonfly could not migrate throughout the land between the continents, flying thousands of kilometers.

What makes the dragonflia of the species of Pantala flavesscens migrate? It turned out that in this way they care about the offspring: the fact is that the larvae of these insects are very sensitive to weather changes and may not survive with a sharp change of temperature or humidity. When, for example, in India, rainy season begins, thousands of dragonflies begin to migrate from the side of Africa, where the dry and comfortable climate is saved. This path is full of danger, so many dragonflies do not reach the target, but some of them survives and successfully lays eggs.

For example, if you read the line from Sydney (Australia) to Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia), where Pantala Flavescens is built in abundance, then the distance will be over 6, 500 km, which automatically makes the rod of red record holder among insects by migration.

The previous record belonged to Butterfly Monarchum, which migrate Canada to Mexico from the south-east of Canada for wintering, while flying the distance of about 3, 000 kilometers.