The smallest snake in the world

Many people are afraid of snakes. But is it possible to be afraid of such a baby like a snake of the tetracheilostoma carlae from the family of narcot snakes? After all, it is the smallest snake in the world from all currently found.

The length of the adult individual is only 10 cm, and the longest found representative of this species reaches a length of 10, 4 cm.

Tetracheilostoma Carlae was opened in 2008 on the island of Barbados, located in the eastern region of the Caribbean Sea. The smallest snake in the world prefers to hide under stones or in the grass, and the only habitat has forests growing in the central and eastern parts of the island.

This type of snake is deprived of sight, and the main source of food for it is the ants and termites. Scientists believe that Tetracheilostoma Carlae closely approached the minimum possible size, since the reptiles of even smaller sizes would simply find a suitable food for themselves. For the same reason, the young snakes of this species immediately hatching out of the only egg unusually large. If the majority of young other types of snakes at birth have ten times smaller than their parents, then young Tetracheilostoma Carlae at birth just two times less than their parents.

Unfortunately, this unique view of the smallest snakes in the world is under threat of extinction due to the uncontrolled cutting of the island's forests. Snakes now live in the territory of just a few square kilometers, and people have the last chance to stop and maintain a piece of unique and unique nature.