10 obvious things, the existence of which is confirmed by science

Sometimes, to make sure that something is not necessary to put a scientific experiment and spend the forces on evidence. But meticulous scientists still conduct studies even in areas where it is not required. Meet the list of things obvious to each person who for some reason have been proven by science.

Your cat really ignores you

The cat, of course, recognizes the voice of his owner, but often simply does not pay attention to him. Unlike dogs that will definitely come to the call or at least turn their heads into your direction, the cat will most likely, just will displease ears and continue to do their own business. A group of employees from the University of Tokyo conducted a study with the participation of several dozen fluffy representatives of the Feline family and eventually confirmed the obvious. According to them, such an animal behavior is due to evolution: unlike dogs, who domesticated people and who have long been trained to fulfill the teams of a person, the cats domesticated themselves, having come to human settlements, where they were caught by rodent supplies and were protected by people by setting They are a kind of mutual understanding contract. Of course, as equal partners, cats do not consider it necessary to respond to the first call of their cohabitant.

Pupils that make homework, get higher estimates

The idea to prove the obvious came to the head of the Nick Rappu. He divided his class into two groups, the first of which always performed his homework, and the second did not do it. After some time, Nick compared the middle score of the two groups, and the first it turned out to be much higher.

Men look at the female body than on the face

A group of researchers under the leadership of Sarah Hervas decided to confirm the fact that everyone has long been known: men look at the female body much longer than on the face. For its experiment, Sarah used the most modern technologies: a person's tracking tracking system with intelligent cameras. The results of the collection of information on a lively pedestrian street and its processing have shown that men spend more time looking at the body of a woman than on her face.

By the way, during the study it turned out interesting detail: Women looking at other representatives of the weaker sex, also pay most of the time to their bodies, and not to persons.

High heels harm health

The long-term statistics collected by the Institute of Age Research is illustrative about this. 64% of older women experiencing problems with joints and back pain, in his youth preferred to wear high-heeled shoes.

Pigs love dirt

Every child since childhood is known that pigs love to lie in the mud. The scientific community has long explained this habit of the fact that in the skin of pigs there is a small amount of sweat glands, so they are experiencing problems with the cooling of the body. Accordingly, the dirt helps them lower the body temperature. But recent studies have shown that pigs are not lying in the mud to cool the organism due to the small amount of sweat glands, they simply love to lie in the mud, which is why they have in the process of evolution and there is a lack of sweat glands, which are simply not needed.

It sounds strange, but now scientists tend to say that pigs lie in the mud simply because they ... love to lie in the mud.

Men go slower when they walk together with a girl

Surely, every man walking with a girl noticed that the speed of his walk in such a situation is much less than if he walked alone. Join millions of men and scientists from university in Seattle, who analyzed the speed of walking people walking in pairs and one. It turned out that next to the girl a man goes about 7% slower than usual. At the same time, his companion holds his usual step.

Overeatment promotes weight increase

Millions of people around the world have already managed to prove this obvious truth, but in 2009, the European Congress of nutritionists decided to conduct an independent study, designed to find the reason that the average weight of an adult in developed countries from 1970 to 2009 increased by 8.5 kg. The results of the study "shook" with their surprise: as it turned out, people began to weigh more due to the increased calorie intake.

Meetings at work No one do not like

Meetings in the office do not like the absolute majority of people. Many consider their useless spending time. Once again, it proved an experiment conducted at a group of 37 ordinary office workers. For a few weeks after each meeting, they shared with psychologists with their feelings. Stress, irritation, demotivation and fatigue are the most frequent words that I had to hear specialists after each meeting.

Reading is useful for the brain

To prove the simple truth about the benefits of reading for development and thinking, scientists asked for several people to read the book directly during magnetic resonance tomography: In one case, the tests read light entertainment novels, and in another serious scientific literature. Interestingly, in both cases an increased activity of the brain was observed, and the blood flow inside the head increased.

Internet devouring our time

The Internet is a convenient way to communicate and an indispensable assistant in working for a modern person. Here you can learn the necessary information for study and work ...

Although ... you just look! Bear locked itself in the car!

Cat can ride a skateboard!

Which of us at least once did not "depend on" on the Internet, initially go there to search for completely different information? Obviously, the Internet can greatly devour time - you do not notice for watching content, as we fly a few hours from life.

The study showed that more than half of people aged 18 to 29 years at least once enter the Internet to simply take themselves with something. At the same time, sometimes they do it automatically, not even noticing that they have already entered the favorite site.

By the way, you have already seen a low-poultry x-ray, which swallowed a huge tweezers?