5 rules of etiquette that you probably violate every day

The rules of etiquette sometimes put us in a dead end of their surprise. Sometimes we do not even know that you break them. Do you fulfill these rules in everyday life?

During yawning or cough, you cover your mouth with your right hand?

When are you coughing or yawning, then close your mouth with your hand? Are you sure you do it just left palm, and not right? The fact is that our right hand, according to etiquette, is a social tool with which we greet people. The left hand is a "personal tool." You hardly wanted to shake a man's hand, who has just coughed in her.

Do you wear a backpack on the right shoulder?

If you prefer to carry a backpack with you so that it hangs only on one belt, then make sure it is located under the left shoulder. This rule is also related to the right hand as a "social tool". With the handshake, the backpack hanging on the right shoulder can simply fall, and on the left shoulder it can be easily supported with a free hand. However, if a backpack is dressed on both shoulder straps, you have nothing to worry about.

Do you sit down in the car forward?

The etiquette rules say that when landing in the car, you must first sit on the seat, leaving the legs outside, and only then lift them and put them in the salon.

Come to the spinning door, missing others?

We all know that we can respect the satellite you can open the entrance door and skipping forward. But it does not work in the case of a spinning door. Initially, the rotating door did not possess the electric motor, so it had to push the first person to the first man. But even now, when most doors are spinning automatically, they often stop, because of what they need to push it in front. That is why women or guests must enter such doors after the accompanying.

If you were asked to give salt, you only serve salt?

Salt and peppers are two seasonings complementary to each other present in most cultures. With their appearance, they are obliged to King France Louis 17 (more in the article "Why a salt and pepper are the main seasonings on our table?"). Since then, salt and peppers are inseparably followed with each other. It is believed that if anyone asked to convey to him, the pepper must also be offered.