Moon rainbow - amazing phenomenon in the night sky

We are accustomed that the rainbow is an extremely daytime phenomenon, and rain drops and sunlight are needed for its formation. But the moon light is nothing but reflected sunlight, and therefore the rainbow can appear at night.

Of course, the brightness of the lunar rainbow (its name is the night rainbow) will be much less than the usual sun rainbow us, but in all the rest it is a complete copy of it.

Video: Moon Rainbow Victoria Waterfall, Zambia Border and Zimbabwe:

For the lunar rainbow, it is necessary to have a rain or waterfall, it appears on the side of the sky opposite to the moon and has the same radius as solar.

To see the lunar rainbow is quite difficult. In addition to the fact that the moon must be quite bright, what it happens in the days of the full moon, the Earth's satellite must be not high above the horizon (less than 42 degrees). But even in this case, the night rainbow will not be as bright, and the human eye will not be able to treat her colors.

Most people will see the lunar rainbow as a translucent white arch. But contemporary phototechnology comes to the rescue: by making a snapshot with a long exposure, we get a photo of an amazing lunar rainbow.