Striges set a record, staying in the air for 10 months in a row!

Most recently, we wrote about the amazing birds - frigates capable of spending in the air to 2 months, never at the same time without touching the earth. But this result is fading compared to achieving an inconspicuous in the first eye of the birds - black stride, which can continuously carry 10 months in the air!

Black haircut is a small bird from the family of stripping, widespread in Europe and Asia. Hypotheses that black haircuts can spend a long time in the air, they sounded in the 50-60x years of the last century. You could only check it on the birds to track the parameters of vital activity on the bird. For a long time, the size and energy consumption of such equipment did not allow to monitor the vital activity of the feathery, not causing them inconvenience. But progress in compactness and autonomy of electronic systems allowed scientists, finally, to embody an idea of ​​life.

On the backs of 7 winged candidates, compact sensors were placed, which for two years tracked the flight parameters. After deciphering the data it turned out that 3 birds out of 7 for 10 months never sat on the ground! The rest for the same time allowed themselves only a few landings on Earth lasting no more than 1 day each.

This is interesting: The average life expectancy of black stride is 20 years. It turns out that in his entire life, black strife flies a distance equal to 7 flights to the moon and back.

The study showed that black haircuts spend most of their lives above the ground: they eat, sleep and even mate in flight. The strings are able to fall asleep for short periods of time, while remaining in the rising air flows or slowly going down to the ground with circles with a radius of several kilometers.

The ten-month non-winning Street Flight ends when the bird is ready to postpone the egg and to surround it over the next two months. Can any other bird "beat" a unique record of black haircut? Most probably not. We know about the birds that, during migration, fly by breathtaking distances, but they all necessarily make short stops during the flight. Nobody even closely can come close to the results of black haircuts from the studied types of feathers. Moreover, ornithologists believe that a record of 10 months of a non-the-day flight for black haircuts is not final. In the first year of his life, the haircuts do not produce offspring, so they simply have no need to descend to Earth - everything they need for life, they can do in flight. Theoretically, young individuals can carry out in the air to 2 years! But it is not possible to find out that it is not possible yet, since young people have no nests where they could return to growing offspring, and where scientists could remove sensors attached on the birds.