How did a man tamed the cat?

Do you know that the usual home cat 95, 6% of DNA coincides with the tiger? Yes, yes, this cat broken down on the sofa is an almost complete copy of a huge ferocious predator, one of the most risk on the planet. How did people manage to domesticated cats - proud and independent animals?

Obviously, not all animals are suitable for domestication. "Candidates" for taming should be satisfied with several conditions: they could be fed, breeding, to have any benefit from them, and finally, they should not at least in the future pose a danger to humans.

Thousands of years ago, people found wild cats inhabiting near settlements suitable for domestication. Of course, they did it not to enjoy their purring or smile, looking at how cats would be frolic. The problem of storing supplies, namely, the fight against the ubiquitous rodents - this was the cause of domestication.

Scientists believe that the process of domestication of wild cats began 9000-12, 000 years ago. The oldest evidence of the domestication of the cat is the burial of man and his four-legged pet - were found in Cyprus and dated the 8th Millennium BC. Of course, with such ancient times, no evidence has been preserved, as animal taming happened.

Apparently, the first people who decided to blame themselves with a big danger (try to touch the wild forest or reed cat), and used various delicious bait, melting animals to themselves and causing it addiction. Gradually, the wild cat learned to trust people and more and more often remained next to the settlement, where you can always get safely near the fire and where they will feed delicious.

For several thousand years, the domesticated branch of cats separated from his fellows, it became not such an aggressive, more flexible. But still in cats more than in any domesticated animals, the nature of their wild ancestors has been preserved - independence and independence from humans.

Sometimes, feeding a pet and removes him, you think about - who tamed whom: a man's cat or a cat cat ...