Lake Jellus in Palau

Lake Jesus is located in the Rocky Islands archipelago, Palau 800 km from the Philippines. A huge population of jellyfare lives in a small reservoir of 460 x 160 meters, which is at least two million individuals!

In the lake, the meduses can be boldly to swim in the water - its inhabitants because of their stay in a separate ecosystem and the absence of enemies completely lost the ability to stating, so the lake Medusus became a favorite place of divers.

The depth of the reservoir is 50 meters, but no living being will risk immersed in its bottom. The fact is that the water in the lake is divided into two layers: with a large oxygen content (the first 17 meters from the surface lasts) and with a low oxygen content and impurities of ammonia and phosphates (immediately replaces the first layer and stretches until the bottom). Anyone who will try to plunge below the 17-meter mark will receive heavy skin burns.

But the first 17 meters of the lake are ideal for life. It contains a huge amount of nutrients, solar light and oxygen. And it is in this thicker of water all jellyfish who are divided into two types: lunar and gold.

They lead a different lifestyle. The lunar is active mainly at night, feeding in small crustaceans. Golden jellyfish becomes active in daytime: they hang around the edge itself, where the water is most of all the warm rays of the sun and is saturated with oxygen. They receive their nutrition due to an interesting symbiosis with seaweed-zooxanthelons, living directly in their tissues. Algae receive food from medulus metabolic products, and at the same time themselves are nutrients for these animals. A patient observer may notice how during the day the population of gold jellyfish migrates from the western part of the lake to the eastern, and then back.

The age of the lake Medus is about 12, 000 years. It was probably formed as a result of the movement of the earth's crust during one of the earthquakes. Sea water gradually leaked to the crevice that appeared, and two types of jellyfish, small crustaceans and several species of fish took place in the lake.

For a long time it was believed that lake jellyfish is isolated from the ocean lying 200 meters away. And besides the sewing streams and rainwater, it does not replenish its water reserves. But the recent study showed that the lake is associated with a large water of three underwater caves. During the ocean tide through the caves, approximately 2, 5% of the water in the entire lake is updated.

Today, Lake Medusz is a favorite corner of thousands of tourists, where you can swim side by side with thousands of jellyfish, without fear that you are storped.

Illustration: Depositphotos | Shalamov