Henderson Island - the most trashal place in the world

Henderson Island is a small uninhabited land block on the spacious ocean. Henderson is a difficult territory, so rarely visit people - for example, so that this island, the ship from New Zealand needs to be saved 13 days. [View Island on the map]

Nevertheless, the history of the Island Henderson can not be called boring: one of the main mysteries of modern archeology is connected with it. Researchers found here burial people of unknown origin, which lived on the island of about a thousand years ago, and numerous petroglyphs.

This is interesting: Petroglyphs are knocked out or applied paint images on a stone basis. The earliest of them dating about 20, 000 years ago.

It remains a mystery, who were these people and how with such a primitive navigation they managed to achieve the island remote from the Big Earth.

The first European, who discovered this land, became Spaniard Petro Fernandez de Kyros, and on the geographical map of the world the island appeared only in 1819, thanks to the captain of the East Indian company for the name Henderson.

In subsequent years, many interesting events were associated with this small island. In 1820, the sailors of the sunken ship "Essex" found their salvation here, and closer to modernity, one of the millionaires of the United States offered to rent an island and build a runway on it. But environmental organizations decided to leave the island untouched to save his unique flora and fauna.

But no one could think that today is the island together with all its unique flora and fauna will be put on the edge of the ecological catastrophe. Back in 2015, Professor Ecology Jennifer Laversis visited the island with a view to studying it. But for 4 months spent on the island, the ecologists did not succeed in feeling separated from the outside world. The fact is that Henderson is just on the way of a powerful ocean flow called the Southern Pacific Course. As a result, the whole garbage that throws out into the ocean on the west coast of South America, "stumps" on Henderson and the waves is thrown into his shore.

Shocked by the ecological situation in 2015, Jennifer Lavers and her team decided to repeat the trip to the island in 2017. The results of their new research say that the pollution of the island Henderson continues to increase, and the contamination indicator is 671 an object per square meter. This value is a record and puts Henderson Island for the first place for pollution among all the territories that are not official landfills. It turns out that the most dumpster in the world is on a uninhabited island in the midst of the Pacific Ocean.

At the moment, more than 37, 5 million separate garbage sites are located on Henderson Island, which in the aggregate weigh over 17, 6 tons. Every day the number of garbage on the island increases, and experts do not see the prerequisites for improving the situation.