Gustav is a crocodile killer from Africa. On his account hundreds of people

"Do not go to the children in Africa to walk. There live big evil crocodiles ... ". The famous poem has long been true in Burundi - a small East African country. The local population freezes in fear of conversations about the Ruses Ruses and Layber Tangani. For dozens of years, the Giant Nile Crocodile-cannibal named Gustav is living in those places. Information about this reptile is so incredible that it seems like Gustav - just a fiction. But to the horror of the inhabitants of Burundi, a giant crocodile-cannibal, characterized by an unprecedented reality - absolute truth, confirmed by numerous research groups and hunters.

Presumably, the Nile Crocodile Gustav appeared in 1955. The first few decades of the crocodile did not show himself, hunting for the usual prey for his species: fish and antelopes that had carelessness too close to the shore. But because of its increasingly increasing physique, Soon Gustav was forced to move to a slower and not so clever food - buffaloes, hippopots and people.

In the late 1990s, the country's government became interested in a predator and sent several hunting teams on his search. All of their attempts to catch reptiles were not crowned with success, but, along with the stories of local residents, there were first observations of professional zoologists who were convicted several times to see the crocodile-cannibal. It turned out that Gustav can easily claim the title of the largest crocodile in the world - its length is more than 7 meters, and the weight, apparently, exceeds one ton. To learn the crocodile in more detail, not to mention it to catch it, it did not work out - some incredible way, Gustav every time manages to disappear in the water immediately after it was noticed. In tricks and the intelligence of the animal after a long year hunting for him there was no doubt about even skeptics. Many times professional catchers on crocodiles put all sorts of traps, using various bait. But every time Gustav either did not respond (although, according to the catches, who noticed the traces of a huge crocodile, was exactly somewhere nearby), or he managed without any consequences to drag the bait. The most famous case occurred in 2002 with the team of the famous Naturalist from France Patrice Fairy. He together with the team tried to at least attract Gustav to remove the giant with the camera. For a long time, the reptile did not respond in any way, so on the last day, naturalists decided to act for sure. In order to attract the crocodile, they used a living goat, putting an animal in a solid metal cage, which should have ensured the full safety of live bait. The camera was installed opposite the cell. At night, due to the broken shower, the camera broke down, and the next morning Patrice with the team discovered that the durable metal cell was damaged, and the goat disappeared. Looks like that night Gustav had a feast ...

And if European naturalists still manage to attract a crocodile-cannibal to the search for the crocodile, then the locals flatly refuse to equip any expeditions. True, initially angry inhabitants armed with firearms were sent in search of a crocodile to take revenge on the killed relatives. And then his thick shelter came to the aid of Gustavu, from which literally bouncing the bullets released into the focus. Eyewitnesses, from time to time notice Gustav, argue that the crocodile on his back is a lot of scars and the protracted wounds that the bullets applied. Each such hunt eared for someone from the catches tragically - Gustav, as if fussing that people came to catch him, began to behave extremely carefully, while remaining in the water and rapidly attacking his victims at the very edge.

Since then, local residents who have tried to kill the crocodile with both cold weapons and rifles and automata and even explosives, stopped haunting him, adopting actually for the deity. It is rumored that in some African settlements Gustavu even bring human sacrifices, which then leave on the shore of the reservoir to abrupt the crocodile and take his anger from the village for a while. And there is something to be afraid: Africans claim that Gustav is often killed for the sake of entertainment, leaving people on the shores of people, without even using them. According to official information, Gustav for his life killed more than 300 people, according to unofficial - several thousand. It is not to be surprised that the reptile constantly contains new victims - the locals, experiencing a lack of drinking water, under the fear of death are forced to go to the shores of Tanganyik.

The last time the crocodile-butter was seen in 2015, when he dragged a huge buffalo into the water. Surely at the moment Gustav is looking for its new victims.