5 strange and bizarre Chinese superstitions

Chinese talismans and amulets are often used by Europeans to attract good luck and protect against trouble. Numerous superstitions were so deeply rooted in the consciousness of people, that even in modern era, they are given much importance. But, acquiring Chinese protective amulets, many people do not think about those superstitions and prohibitions that have long existed among the Chinese. Here are just a few such beliefs that play a special role for the Chinese people.

The house should not be two dogs

The Chinese have a rich and complex language in which special magical power is attributed to hieroglyphs. Invalid drawing or combination of Chinese hieroglyphs can cause failures. The ban on the possession of two dogs is only one of the examples, clearly demonstrating it. If you explain more accessible, then the presence of two dogs means that there are two mouths in the house for which food needs. The combination of hieroglyphs denoting the words "mouth" and "dog" forms the verb "cry". Therefore, two dogs in one house among the Chinese are considered a bad admission, because they can bring in the family of grief and tears.

If you consider this Chinese superstition, taking into account ordinary logic, the approval is performed quite convincing. About one dog is easier to take care than about two. One animal can pay more attention and free time. It's funny that the Chinese, considering the bad presence of two dogs in the house, do not see anything terrible in acquiring three, four or more four-legged friends. Only two dogs are considered a symbol of failure. And to bypass the taboo, the Chinese came up with a good idea. You can be the owner of two dogs, if the house is the third, but not necessarily live, because the animal figurines are quite valid.

You can not share a pear with your loved one

It's not a pear here, but everything in the same features of the Chinese language imposing a number of restrictions. Unlike the first Chinese superstition with dogs, this sign is associated with the sound of the word. In Chinese, the word "pear" is pronounced as "Lee". Exactly this sounds the Chinese word that means "separation". Therefore, it is believed that the joint eating of one pear can lead to a rupture of relations between loved. This is one of the strange Chinese superstitions, which is not amenable to any logical explanation.

Do not give the watch

Probably, this is one of the Chinese superstitions, which is something like a promotion, common among Europeans. In particular, strictly this ban must be respected in relation to older people. In Chinese, the word "clock" is formed by two hieroglyphs, which denote "time" and "stop". Therefore, to give someone's hours - it is literally wishing that time for this person stops, which, in more easier, means death.

Scary number four

If the Europeans have superstitious fear causes everything at number 13, then the Chinese have such analogue, you can call four numbers. In Chinese, it sounds like "SI", which also serves as the designation of the word "death". Therefore, many Chinese try to avoid this number in every way. In China, it can be found that there are no buttons for the fourth floor in the elevators of residential buildings and hotels. On the fourth floor, apartments or residential premises are rarely located, because it is believed that life there will be a solid strip failure. The same number usually costs the planning of particularly important events. Supervice Chinese are unlikely to go on a trip 4, 14 or 24 numbers. Even those who do not suffer paranoia seeks to avoid flights in which this figure is present.

Black and white color under the ban

If tourists want to stand out (in a bad sense) among the Chinese, then you should give preference to an exceptionally white or black color in clothing. These two colors of the Chinese symbolize death. At the funeral you can see the Chinese in the clothes of an exceptionally black or white color. Therefore, you should not come to visit the Chinese in the clothes of such colors, if there is no desire to insult the welcoming owners. True, modern Chinese youth tends to ignore these superstitions. In China or Hong Kong, you can meet a lot of young people in black jackets.

Illustration: Depositphotos | Ryanking999