CITHERONIA REGALIS - the largest caterpillar in the world

The title of the biggest caterpillars in the world rightfully claims a view called Attacus ATLAS. This huge caterpillar, growing up to 15 centimeters in length, lives in North America and scares the accidentally discovered her people with their appearance.

And looks like CITHERONIA REGALIS is really frightened: all her body is covered with long spikes, and there are several pairs of major horns who make it remotely similar to the dragon. Not in vain, its second name is translated as "Horil Hickory Devil."

Meeting with Citheronia Regalis in Himself in the garden


But despite her terrible appearance, which she needs to scare up enemies, Citheronia Regalis is completely harmless. Adults are moths, which are obtained from the horned devil closer to the end of summer, also do not represent any danger and do not even eat throughout their lives.