Gorilla Coco - the smartest animal in the world

Gorilla Coco is a real phenomenon and genius among all animals. Its outstanding mental abilities allow Gorilla to communicate with a person to different topics, joke, express sadness and even raise their own pets.

The history of Coco began on July 4, 1971 - another nameless Western Plain Gorilla was born in the Zoo of San Francisco. Initially, it was planned that Coco would use Patterson for medical experiments from Dr. Francis Patterson, and then he left back to the zoo, but thanks to the support of the Gorilla Foundation organization, Patterson was able to leave the gorilla and proceed to one of the most successful experiments in the field of animal communication .

Since childhood, a scientist decided to teach Coco to understand English and even developed a special language of gestures to communicate with gorillas (GSL - Gorilla Sign Language). Now Coco perceives hearing and recognizes about 2000 English words and 1000 gestures. With the help of gestures, she can support the conversation, describe his mood and even joke: somehow, she showed the gestures to another gorilla, who had swam the toy that was the "dirty bad toilet." Coco without problems recognizes himself in the mirror and recognizes people acquaintances and animals in photographs.

Surprisingly, Koko independently knows how to invent new signs. Patterson reported that in their language gestures there was no word "ring", but they attended the words "finger" and "bracelet". Once, having received the ring, Coco was able to independently combine these two gestures, having received a new word "finger bracelet".

Well, who will stand in front of a small fluffy kitten? Few, here and Coco did not resist. Scientists argue that in 1983 Koko herself asked to give her a cat for upbringing, and a gift was made to her Christmas - they brought a little kitten, followed Gorilla to care for. His first pet Coco called "All Ball", which can be translated as "all the balls". Somehow, "all the balls" during the walk fell under the car. Patterson told her about it with the help of English words and gestures. A few weeks later, Coco sadly showed gestures that she was very bad and even tried to say some human words (Gorillas are unable to control the voice tract, but Coco made attempts to inform something in the language of people than heavily surprised their educators). A few years later, Coco again asked himself two kittens, calling them "lipstick" and "smoke" who lived with their amazing educators a happy cat life. Since then, Coco is a professional catguard of cats, and no animal feels bad next to a caring gorilla.

In 2015, on the 44th anniversary of Coco Dali, choose a new kitten - Gorilla took a gray baby.


But the most amazing that researchers who spent time from Coco and have long become her friends, are confident that there is nothing outstanding in the intelligence of their ward. Almost any gorilla will be able to achieve the same success in education if it is raised in the relevant environment.