Bloody Waterfall in Antarctica

Under the multi-kilometer layer of permafrost, Antarctica is hidden many amazing things. Among them, great interest is "bloody waterfall", located in East Antarctica. Among the dazzling white snow suddenly flows the bloody-red flow of a frightening look.

For the first time, Antarctica's bloody waterfall was discovered in 1911 by the Australian traveler Griffith Taylor. Rumors of amazing find quickly flew around the whole world, and an unusual phenomenon attracted the attention of research groups from around the world. The scientists who arrived in place suggested that algae was to blame for the unusual color of water, but the analysis of the chemical composition of water showed the high content of iron oxide in it, which gives fluid a characteristic red shade.

The water temperature is -10 C - the high content of salts prevents its freezing. It is surprising that samples from the "bloody waterfall" showed the presence of microorganisms in it. Bacteria live in a negative temperature and produce energy due to chemical reactions with minerals dissolved in water.

The discovery of the "bloody waterfall" in Antarctica showed that life could exist even in the most extreme conditions.

The lake itself, where water flows from, is located at a distance of 1 km from the waterfall at a depth of 400 meters! This is just that amazing case when water in nature flows up: the lake was formed about 3 million years ago and gradually under a large pressure of seeding upper ice layers The water found the path to the surface where it is periodically poured with red streams.

It is interesting: And in Antarctica, a real mountain range is hidden under the ice layer, comparable in magnitude with Alpine. Read more read in this article.