"Jewels in the night sea" - photos of plankton off the coast of Japan

Plankton is tiny creatures that are hard to notice in the thickness of water with a naked eye. But there would be no them, and in the oceans could not exist life. After all, plankton is not only the most important food chain for all sorts of marine inhabitants, but also produces up to half of all oxygen contained in world waters.

Japanese photographer Rio Mineidza emphasizes the importance of these small organisms for the entire planet, organizing an exhibition of its work under the name "Jewelry Night Sea".

Take a picture of plankton, and even under water - the task is extremely difficult. In addition to the fact that the dimensions of these creatures rarely exceed several millimeters, their movements are fast and unpredictable, so it is a big luck from the first time to "catch" them into the lens.

This is interesting: The name "Plankton" comes from the Greek word πλανκτόν - "wandering". The fact is that Plankton is not able to resist the strong sea current, so drifting with it.

Photos allow not only to see the smallest details of these creatures, but also admire their beauty. The fact is that many of them have the ability of the bioluminescence - luminescence in the dark due to complex chemical reactions inside the body.

Red, purple, lilac, emerald - flexing his body, Plankton is overflowing in the dark waters of the Pacific Ocean, as if shining in the light of the rays of jewels.