Is it true that Kutuzov wore a bandage?

On the Internet, books or on TV, you can often meet modern images of the commander Mikhail Kutuzov with a bow, like a pirate, on the right eye by a bandage. This image has already become so habitant that if we look at the portraits of Kutuzov's brush of his contemporaries (for example, the work of Volkova R.M. in 1813, given as an illustration for this article), then I am immediately wondering why Kutuzov is depicted on them without a dressing .

Moreover, the right eye in the commander in place and only slightly covered. So where is the truth: wore Kutuzov bandage or not?

Mikhail Kutuzov wounded in the battle at the village of Noise on June 23, 1774, commanding the battalion of Grenadiers. The bullet hit the officer headquarters right between the eyes and came out at the right temple. Despite all the seriousness of damage, Kutuzov managed not only to recover from injury, but also to preserve the vision by the damaged right eye. It turns out, the right eye from Mikhail Illarionovich was in place and even saw. And about the past wound reminded only the scar and the inability to completely raise the eyelid.

There was no need to wear a bandage on the eye and to deprive themselves to fully observe the strategic environment during the battle at Kutuzov. Therefore, the images where Mikhail Kutuzov covers his eyes with a black bandage can be considered fiction.