Belief belt - True or myth?

For many people, the belt of loyalty is synonymous with the Middle Ages. Sigor knights, leaving for long crusades, they were slapped their chosen to the belt of loyalty to preserve their innocence or prevent treason. "Well, morals! "You think you are a poor girl to live with a belt for many years, and if the husband is killed, then all his life!". But for some reason, not a single record of up to the 14th century, which would have been mentioned, similar to the belief belief. Recently, researchers are more and more confident that the belt of loyalty has gained its popularity at the turn of the 18th century, and its use of husbands is nothing more than fantasy.

When they talk about the belt of loyalty, the metal belt is immediately represented, which dressed on the girl below the belt and fastened in front of the castle, the key of which was in her husband.

But let's imagine what it would be if we have such a belt within a week. First, it would have complicated intimate hygiene. How would you wash, if the waist and above the knees would be the hope of a gland? Yes, it is unlikely that the belt of loyalty was made of stainless steel. Over time, the entire belt would be covered with a layer of rust. In this case, the disease of the genital organs would be a matter of several days. Secondly, was it convenient to help in such a belt need? And thirdly, even if not metal was used in the belt, and the rough skin (though, after all, then it would be possible if desired, it would be easy to cut) with a long walking, he would fit into the inguinal area, which would cause terrible pain. Nobody in the right mind would not subjected to a loved one to such flocks.

The book of Conrad Kaizeri "Bellifortis", written in 1405 - the oldest source where the device is mentioned, similar to the belief belief. In his book, Konrad, along with the description of assault guns, crossbows, torture, and other attributes of medieval life, mentioned "Metal Bridges that girls fashed in front." Here is just an ironic tone, which is written by this text, makes you think if these breeches were invented by the author himself.

But after all, the belt of loyalty was: everyone can see them in historical museums. Then why were they used? Everything is simple: the girl voluntarily put him for personal security. And the key from him, of course, held with him. Most likely, the belt of loyalty was necessary when an army came to the city, or a girl had to go somewhere through a dangerous area. But the greatest popularity of the belt of loyalty was acquired in the 18th century. And they served as protection from ... masturbation. At that time it was believed that masturbation is a dangerous disease that can lead to a meager, uncontrolled hair growth on his palms and madness. Therefore, the belt of loyalty was used by the excited parents to protect their children from a bad habit.

illustration: | Putilov Denis