Port Royal - Capital of Pirates of the Caribbean

- "This is the same Jack Sparrow!"
- "Captain Jack Sparrow!"
This replica from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" has become recognizable almost all over the world. Having heard her, the following picture comes to mind: merciless pirates, treasure chests, ships on black sails with turtles, smell of gunpowder, robbery, drunk taste of Roma. All this is an integral part of the glorious era, the epicenter of which was the famous pirate capital - Port Royal.

The middle of the XVII century for Western Europe was a historically important period. At this time, continuous conflicts between the dominant countries were conducted: Spain, Holland, England, France. Naturally, questions concerned the territorial expansion and zones of influence in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The story of a small town in southern Jamaica began with an acute English-Spanish confrontation.

The first memories of the port - Royal are taught by the beginning of the XVI century. In 1518, the city of Cagway was founded on the Cape of the same name. The features of its geographical location later served as the starting point for the development of the south-east coast of Jamaica. By the middle of the 20th century, Cagui (the future port-Royal) became a very important shopping link of the new world.

In 1654, English commander Oliver Cromwell announced a maritime campaign, the result of which should be conquered by Spanish colonies in the Bay of the Caribbean Sea. The army is almost ten thousand people under the command of two trusted people of Cromwell - Admiral William Penn and Robert Velebiz - reached the shores of Santo Domingo on the island of Haiti. But as soon as the flotilla came ashore, she met a fierce rebuff of armed Spanish partisans.

An embittered British were forced to retreat, and then their glance fell on the defenseless at first glance, Jamaica, where only a few hundred militias could keep the weapon in their hands. The latter, without preparing the attacks, deployed deep into the island, but the British, who were passionate about the quick victory, did not go further, and remained off the coast. Taking advantage of the delay, the Spanish inhabitants of the island collected their belongings, released slaves and went to Cuba in urgency. The remaining slaves organized in gangs and suckers, becoming the first pirates of Jamaica.

Over time, more and more Englishmen began to settle on the island. For several decades, Port Royal turned into a center of trade routes of new light, where, on the one hand, the representation of influential trading companies was based and there was a base of the Royal Fleet, and on the other, smuggling and piracy flourished. Here it was possible without obstacles to make loot and pretty fun in local restaurants and public houses. Port Royal as a magnet attracted all sorts of deserters and robbers. They hired on the pier to the teams of ships, after which they went to the "case." Some of them were returned with long-awaited prey, others - with bullets in the forehead: shopping ships began to hire security for their protection. Pirates organized something like their state with the capital in Port Royal on Jamaica. The British were closed on this eyes - the sea robbers pledged not to attack British traders, but they did not give peace of the Spaniards, arranging permanent raids on their islands and ships.

The peak of its development port-Royal reached the time of the famous English pirate Henry Morgan. He understood that the plundering of small settlements and the islands does not give a significant increase in profit, therefore he was aimed at larger production. Such was the city of Panama, famous for his wealth accumulated through gold and silver trading. For his conceived, he needed a big army that a pirate who served the English crown was able to receive after talks with tricks and goaava pirates.

The company Henry Morgana was successful, and in 1671 the troops of the pirate loomed the city. They rummed that the mining of the captain was so great that he was able to take it into Port Royal only in a week. Home Robbers returned to the winners.

But the existence of the Pirate capital itself approached the end - after 21 years after the hike, Henry Morgana in the vicinity of the island there was a strongest earthquake. The rising water flooded 2/3 of the city, destroying almost all of his population - apparently, the Almighty himself decided to punish the inhabitants of Port-Royal for rampant and inconsistency. Interestingly, out of 50 ships left only one belonged to the British military - everyone else belonged to the pirate teams.

However, who survived in a few years rebuilt the city again. But Port-Royal as if someone cursed: after 11 years, almost all the buildings destroyed a strong fire in the city, and "finished" the pirated capital followed by hurricanes.