Hitler was afraid that it was poisoned through the toilet and other oddities of the dictator

After the seizure of Berlin by Soviet troops, in captivity, among others, the Adjutant Hitler Otto Günche and Personal Camderner Hans Ling were hit. They returned from the USSR only ten years later. But before letting go to Ling and Günche, the Chekists interrogated them for three years. Stalin wanted not only to make sure that his main enemy was dead, but also demanded the details about his daily life.

Employees of the NKVD approached the case thoroughly, and in December 1949, Stalin received a thick folder with the details of the life of the German Fuhrera. In 1959, Nikita Khrushchev ordered her to cross and put a book in 413 pages to the CPSU archive under the inventory number 462a. This book was found in the archives of the Institute of History in Moscow German historians Matias Ul and Heinrich Eberle. She recently entered Germany under the name "Book of Hitler".

About the last days of the leader's leader of the Third Reich knows a lot, but the information received from the people who for ten years have met him every day, is not known to everyone, and the unexpected details of the character of the Führera opened in front of historians.

Hitler, according to Adjutant and Cammenner, possessed a strange sense of humor. One day he, for example, joked about the lipstick of Eva Brown, saying that during the war, the soldiers were made of the corpses. When Himmler told Hitler that a vain goering rises medals and orders to pajamas before going to bed, the Fuhrer laughed for a long time. Then he ordered to make a casualties of medals from the gold and silver foil and give them Gering. His personal photographer Henry Gofman, somehow came heavily drunk, Adolf Hitler advised not to fit close to the fire in order not to light up.

Despite the undoubted oratories, talking to the Führer in the usual setting was quite boring. At the table, his eloquence was normally limited by the praises of the outfits of the ladies present and sympathy about how difficult for them to do hairstyles and follow the nails.

However, not always the Fuhrer was so kind and harmless. So he arranged a terrible spread of Martin Borman, when he said that he could not find for Berghof - the Mining Residence of the German Chief - Ten Additional Maids. "As, - Adolf Hitler with foam on the lips is attracted, - I send entire divisions to death with one stroke of the feather, but I can not find some Ten Potaski for Berghof!".

It went to Borman and after Hitler learned that the Reichslight was pretending to be a vegetarian only in Berghof, and at home the kilograms of sausages and sardells eaten.

Ling and Günzh argued that Eva Brown played a more prominent role in the life of Hitler and the Third Reich, which was previously thought. Even before the war, having learned that he evaled someone "Slut Hitler", Führer ordered to double her villa under Munich. Brown often accompanied Hitler. They talked for hours in the office with champagne in a bucket with ice, chocolate, fruit and cognac. With the sounds of her voice, his mood has increased.

Slept the Führer on a simple bed, in front of which slippers stood. He was hidden, unlike Eva Brown, who slept under a thick blanket from the Pooh, a thin soldier's blanket.

Hitler was not indifferent to expensive suitcases. With his luggage, mostly from the crocodile leather, it was not ashamed to seem in the most expensive hotel. Suitcases were clogged with spacious wardrobes in all its residences.

Nevertheless, Adolf Hitler was unable to real human relations. Most he loved the Shepherd Blondie. When the dog was sick, he constituted a special diet for her and demanded bulletins about the state of her health every hour.

By the end of the war, Hitler turned into a very sick person and finally lost control of events. Permanent unrest forced him to combing her neck and ears before the blood. He demanded every day to analyze water to the presence of poisons not only for the cooking eggs, but also in ... toilet.