The most unusual ways of execution

Holes, guillotine, quarters, execution - all these execution methods are standard and familiar. But perhaps you can find something new from the list below.


This kind of execution is not only unusual, but also extremely painful. It is believed that it was invented in Persia. Surprised was drunk by milk and honey, which caused the strongest disorder of the stomach. Then all his body was deceived by honey and tied to the bottom of the wooden boat in such a way that their arms and legs would be thrown overboard. The unfortunate was covered on top with another boat and allowed to swim along the pond with standing water. Because of the diarrhea inside the boat, excrement accumulated, and their smell together with the smell of honey attracted the attention of numerous insects, which stuck unhappy from the legs to the head. In the end, the person died from the strongest shock, starvation and infection of blood caused by numerous wounds and rotting of the flesh from biting insects and their larvae. To extend torments, the victim could sometimes be picked up with honey and drink milk. It is known that in 401 BC. Thus, the Greek soldier was executed, who killed the son of Darius 2. The poor fellow died only after 17 days.

Republican Wedding

The strange view of the execution, practiced mainly in France. If the execution was subject to a man and a woman, they were associated with each other rope and threw sink into the river.

execution elephants

The execution of elephants was practiced mainly in Asia countries. The pre-angry animal was produced into a closed room, where he was convicted.


Mazzatello was practiced in the papal region in the 18th century and was preferable for criminals who committed serious crimes. This punishment was that the executioner put a blow on the head of iron or wooden hammer, and in the case of the contusion of the executed, and not instant death, he just cut the throat.


The method was also distributed in Europe, and in Asia in the Middle Ages. The doomed put her head down, spreading his legs and starting to sill in the middle a stupid saw.


With freshness from a living person, the skin was moving. This method was used to intimidate the crowd - the terrible screams of the unfortunate were heard on the entire district. And the executioners loved to sprinkle the salt on the skin liberated from the skin, from which the suffering of the convicted person became unbearable and he, as a rule, died from pain. After execution, the robust skin was usually postned in a crowded place where she, leaving the wind, reminded passersby that he was waiting for the violator of the law.

Bloody Eagle

According to legends, this terrible method of reprisal was used by Vikings. Until now, there are disputes among historians about whether this execution was practiced in the Scandinavian medieval countries, or this fiction was invented to intimidate enemies. The sacrifice tied face to the wall and poured up his back, having gone out the ribs in such a way that they were sticking out of his back (apparently, the Vikings were like a spectacle of an eagle). Sometimes the picture was complemented by turning out of the back the lungs, but most often a man died from painful shock at the beginning of an execution.

Frozing on coals

Heretics and witches Inquisitors burned alive on fires, but compared with roasting on coals it was a very easy sentence. A man who committed a serious crime was put on the iron grille under which the coals were telli. The torment could continue for a few hours.

Filling stones

On the unfortunate put the boards associated together, and then gradually, once a few hours, pumped on the boards of gravity, evenly distributing them all over the area. Ultimately, lying under the weight under the severity.

execution bamboo

This method was used in Asian countries and was based on the amazing bamboo abilities in one day to grow 30 cm. The accused was put on the ground with buried bamboo sprouts, tightly tied up so that he could not move, and left for the night. During the night, the bamboo slowly dug into the body of the victim, delivering her terrible torment. In the end, a man died, pierced with dozens of bamboo shoots.

Illustration: Depositphotos | ChiccoDodiFC