Almost real rainbow in a bookstore in China

The rapidly developing China is a real paradise for architects and designers: the public is glad to each new product, and the increasing building gives space for creativity and new ideas.

So the designers of the company Wutopia Lab offered to decorate the bookstore in Suzhou Province rather unusually. Buyers are used to seeing books of books in a relaxing place, where there are strict racks, full of literary works, and nothing distracts from the main occupation in the reading room. But in this bookstore there is something surprised: its ceiling decorates the cascade of mesh aluminum plates of all rainbow colors.

Rainbow gradient stretches through the entire institution, giving each piece of the store its special mood. An unusual composition of designers called "Raduga Zanad".

"What is the rainbow?" - you ask? Zanada or Chanda is the name of the historical and important place for Chinese. So called the city, who laid the grandson of Hingis-Khan Khubilai, giving the beginning of the new Chinese Empire yuan. Travelers said that in the midst of the new capital was located a luxurious color tent of the ruin, leading to the delight and the thrill of everyone who saw him. I wonder if it was possible to achieve the same effect from the new bookstore design?

And while in the bookstores of the Middle Kingdom, radical experiments with the design are carried out, the inhabitants of the old light have fun more restrained. Read more read on the link ↓.