10 useful ways to improve your memory

10 useful ways to improve your memory. For example, children catch everything on the fly, but do you know why? Because they constantly train their brain. Memory is a very powerful tool, but it becomes unusable if not used for a long time. What do you do to keep your brain active and productive?

We offer you 10 ways to improve your memory and self-development.

1. Read good books

While reading, you force the brain to remember information about the heroes of the book, about their characters, feelings, events. Clear images are generated in the brain and the imagination is stimulated. Thus, reading improves your memory, develops intelligence and increases your vocabulary.

2. Computer games

Fans of computer games will be pleased to know that they do not just spend time in front of the monitor, but train their brain. But there is one but ... To train your brain, half an hour of playing is enough, maximum one hour, but not a whole evening or day. During an intellectual or logical game, you have to think, choose a strategy, plan further actions. If you have a routine job, then half an hour of play can keep your brain active.

3. Sleep

A healthy eight-hour sleep is vital to keeping your brain healthy. During the day, your brain solves all sorts of tasks and problems - from simple to very complex, so at night it needs a good rest in order to effectively solve your problems again tomorrow.

4. Learn something new

Think about what you would like to learn, what you like the most, and do it. Try your hand at a new hobby - perhaps horse riding or painting. Try writing a poem or story for your child. Do something that you have never done before, and let your brain actively participate in it.

5. Get rid of the routine

Do unusual things and make spontaneous decisions. For example, replace your morning coffee with freshly squeezed juice, try learning to write with your left hand, and change your route to get rid of your routine.

6. Work with the numbers

Do you remember the multiplication table? Do you remember how to count it in your head? We can no longer imagine our life without desktop calculators or in the phone. Try manually counting your purchases in the supermarket or doing other calculations in your head. This will not only make your brain work, but also train your memory.

7. Memorize

How many poems do you know by heart? But the children know dozens of poems. You can learn children's poetry with your children, or memorize a dozen (or more) of your favorite poems by classics or contemporary poets. So you not only train your memory, but also touch the beautiful. And someday you will surprise your colleagues or loved ones by reciting a poem by heart.

8. Tell us about the past

Try to tell someone your yesterday, and from the end, i.e. what did you do in the evening, in the afternoon, how your yesterday began. Looking into the near or more distant past, you activate memory and do not give it the opportunity to erase this information as unnecessary.

9. Learning foreign languages ​​

Learning foreign languages ​​is a great brain training, and this knowledge will always come in handy in life. Make it a rule to learn at least ten new words a day. Once you've mastered this pace, you can tackle phrases.

10. Increase your vocabulary

Discover new words every day. These can be general concepts as well as your specialization. Use dictionaries to find the meaning of an unknown word or find synonyms for a word you know. Try to use new words in your everyday speech.

If you don't use your memory regularly, you will lose it. To keep your memory unaffected, use these 10 tips to keep on your wall. They won't take much of your time, but you will soon feel how much more efficient your brain has become.