16 rules for a quick breakthrough in life

16 rules for a quick breakthrough in life, all of them are simple and maybe some will say that everyone knows them, but just knowing is not enough, since at least sometimes you should use them and eventually begin to live by them, so we read and look for our own flaws and make corrections)

1. Don't watch TV. Never.

2. There is such a thing as "Move on no matter what." Try it, it will help.

3. Have an idea come to mind? Write it down.

4. Are you running late? Find a way to warn about this.

5. Don't laugh at other people's dreams.

6. Do not return to people who betrayed you. They don't change.

7. Spend more time with your parents - the moment when they are gone always comes unexpectedly.

8. Politeness conquers cities. Use it often.

9. Know how to admit your mistakes.

10. Give up the habit of complaining all the time. Nobody is interested in other people's problems.

11. Don't spread gossip.

12. In incomprehensible situations, always go to bed. Also, in any situation, it is useful to remember that "this too will pass."

13. Even in case of a serious quarrel, do not try to hurt a person for a living ... You will make up (most likely), and the words will be remembered for a long time ...

14. Speak the truth, and then you don't have to memorize anything.

15. At the beginning of the day, do the most difficult and unpleasant thing.

When you have done it, the rest of the day you are not overcome by unnecessary thoughts.

16. NOBODY owes anything to anyone. Forget the word "must". Throw it out of the active vocabulary. Otherwise, you will really get bogged down in debt, and not only material, but also moral.