Useful tips how not to get into an accident

Useful advices on how not to get into an accident, as every day leaving by car, an unthinkable number of cars sweep around that constantly violate many traffic rules, putting the lives of other people and just as your own life in great danger. However, if you follow some rules, you can reduce the risk of yourself getting into an emergency.

So, here are some rules that you can follow to keep yourself safe:

1. Do not make any maneuvers, believing that other road users will go around, wait, see you or prevent a collision. Keep in mind that every driver, including yourself, may be distracted by accident, or simply not understand your maneuver.

2. When you start any action, try to pay attention so that no one can catch you, let alone collide with you.

3. Try to never break traffic rules yourself. Any violation of the rules will sooner or later lead to consequences - it may turn out that the beast will be under the wheels, or you will not be able to cope with the control. People, of course, are not immune from all factors, but you are obliged to do everything in your power in such a situation.

4. Do not seek revenge if the rules have been broken against you. Usually you can see such a situation - someone cut off another driver or simply overtook him, the driver in response tries to catch up with him and do the same. You shouldn't do this - it will end badly for many.

5. Plan your upcoming maneuvers in advance. For example, if you suddenly thought about something, and forgot about the future turn, then do not strive to abruptly rearrange to the extreme row, without thinking about the possible consequences - at least make sure that the path is safe.

6. Always try to avoid standing cars with a distance of up to 2 meters. In order not to become the culprit of an accident, when you see a car parked on the side of the road, think in advance about how you will rebuild.