Tips for influencing a person and his disposition to you

Tips for influencing a person and how to get his favor with you - without offending or causing them feelings of resentment:

1. Start by praising and sincerely acknowledging the other person's merits.

2. Point out the mistakes of others not directly, but indirectly.

3. First, talk about your own mistakes, and then criticize your interlocutor.

4. Ask the interlocutor questions, instead of ordering him something.

5. Give people the opportunity to save their prestige.

6. Show people appreciation for their slightest success and celebrate each success. Be sincere in

their appreciation and generous praise.

7. Build people a good reputation, which they will try to justify.

8. Use encouragement. Give the impression that the bug you want fixed is easily fixable; make it easy for them to do what you encourage people to do.

9. Make people happy to do what you suggest.