How to visually enlarge a room? (Helpful hints)

How to visually enlarge a room? - useful tips will answer this question, since it happens that the rooms in the house are not large enough, and you want to at least visually increase their footage. Below the photos are tips to help make the room appear larger.

Use different colors and shades on the walls. Even small rooms can be painted in your favorite colors. Light colors and shades optically expand the space.

The floor must be of a uniform color. A patterned flooring (or carpet) will visually diminish the room.

Hang transparent and light curtains on the windows. Light plays a very important role in small spaces.

Order custom furniture. Make the most of your room space.

Buy low furniture and paint the ceiling with light paint.

Do not use wallpaper with small patterns. They will visually reduce the room. On the contrary, wallpaper with a large pattern will visually expand the room.