Good advice from Mark Zuckerberg (Tips from Successful People)

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg ([zʌkə'bə: ɡ]; May 14, 1984, White Plains, NY, USA) is an American programmer and entrepreneur in the field of Internet technologies.

1. A priori goal.

To begin with, we simply have to set a specific goal for ourselves - how much money we want to receive from our site. I will not tell you a big secret if I say that in this life no one has achieved something by accident. Any success is solely the result of the goal that each individual person has set for himself, and therefore, the more significant your goal is, the more success you will achieve.

But remember that “big goal” and “unrealizable” are two huge differences!

2. Understanding the total cost of advertising.

Initially, you need to be aware of the fact that each advertisement has its own specific price, and if so, then it brings a certain income. A fast food restaurant ad will never make you more money than a Chrysler ad. That is why I want you to understand in advance that the wider your audience is, the more attractive your site will be in the eyes of advertisers.

3. Preparation.

I have already spoken about this more than once, but I will still repeat - any work on a website begins with the birth of an idea. And this is not just a desire, which can be described by the words "I want a site, the same as ..." - here you substitute the desired option. The best idea is the one that can be formulated as follows: "This has not happened yet, and I will be the first."

However, the originality of the idea is not yet a guarantee of a successful business. In addition to it, you should know the answer to one more question - "is your site necessary for network users who have already seen everything that can be seen and at whose disposal billions of existing sites."

4. Approbation.

I would recommend starting any Internet project with approbation. There are two options here - you can immediately send it to the network to see the reaction of users to your product: do you visit it, is it necessary and interesting? Or by launching its test version, invite independent experts to evaluate it. Not your friends and relatives, who will evaluate your site solely from how they relate to you, but people who do not know you, and therefore will be able to evaluate your work objectively.

In any case, in 2-3 months you will receive results that will allow you to judge the commercial prospects of the entire future project.

5. Attachments.

Alas, no serious Internet business is possible without money. Even if you think that you are a good programmer or copywriter, or a photographer, or a promotion master, you still cannot cover everything. Therefore, initially determine the amount that you can invest in your site. Moreover, the best attitude towards this money will not be as an investment, but towards funds that you will lose with a 99% probability.

Accept the loss in advance, because only this will allow you to remain free in both decision-making and creativity.

6. Evaluate the profitability of your site.

But before deciding on the amount of investment, think about how much money advertising on your site will bring. And decide, taking into account 2 options - minimum and maximum. Remember that for the first few years, the first option will be your reality. Therefore, I advise you to start with a small investment, so that later, when the site begins to bring at least some profit, it will be directed towards its further development.

Currently, the cost of advertising is determined solely by the topic of the site, and therefore if you are aimed at creating a commercial project, direct your attention to the areas of activity that bring the maximum return - real estate, banking, education. Entertainment projects are not profitable, but it is quite possible that working on them, as well as promoting them, will bring you much more pleasure than a website whose topic is not interesting or close to you.

7. Requirements for design and content.

If we are talking about attracting advertising with a multi-million dollar budget, then we must remember that large companies will place it on our website, for which not only profit and overall return on advertising are important, but also so that the sites on which their advertising is placed are not undermined their overall image. In this regard, I strongly urge all of you to pay maximum attention to the content you post. Indeed, sometimes one phrase, photo or word, or outright plagiarism can become an obstacle to concluding a deal and permanently discredit your site in the eyes of an advertiser. Your wordpress templates, if it's a blog, should be attractive and unique so that you don't get the impression that it was already somewhere.

I would also call this point a “compliance” point, according to which your site should be equal in terms of the level of solidity and trust on the part of network users to the digging or companies whose goods you will advertise on it. And remember, the higher the level of solidity and trust, the more income you will receive from advertising.

8. "Who is there?"

And also my own experience prompted me that for any advertiser, not only all those requirements for the site that I told you about are important, but also who exactly was advertised on the site or who has already placed their ads on it. That is why you should immediately give up the thought that, they say: today I will put up this cheap and, most likely, fraudulent or illegal advertising, and tomorrow, by investing money from it in my site, I will attract more respectable advertisers.

Remember that in this case you will not have any “tomorrow” or “because”, if you just do something like this once, and a serious advertiser will never conclude a contract with you, rightly believing that advertising on your site can cast a shadow, both for him and for his products.

9. The position of your site on the network.

I have heard many different opinions about when a site can be considered an attractive advertising space. But I will not retell them. I will say what I believe in myself - real success comes only to those who have not only completed everything that I have described in the above paragraphs, but also whose site is in the leading positions in all search queries that may be of interest to your potential advertisers ...

When they go online and, having typed the name of their product (service), see that your site is higher than the site of their company, they simply cannot help but pay attention to you. What is needed for this? Work hard and hard to make the site interesting to those who will become potential clients of your employers. That is why I want to say to all of you: if you do not feel the strength to create a site of the first magnitude, then initially give up trying to make money on it, as if you wasted time.

10. Own advertising department.

Of course, the easiest way to relieve yourself of this kind of work is by hiring an advertising manager or an entire advertising department. But at first, I would not advise you to do this, because at the initial stage it is better to find advertisers yourself, and meet with them, and change (or not change) your site according to their requirements. After all, the knowledge that you will acquire as a result of this work is invaluable, and therefore it is simply criminal not to get it.

And besides, the site is your brainchild, the result of months of hard work and sleepless nights, and no manager will ever worry about him as much as you.

11. Working with advertising agencies.

So, advertisers have already seen your site and even appreciated all its attractiveness for their business, but for some reason they have not contacted you yet. What to do? Write to them yourself? No, you'd better give this job to professionals. Make a presentation of your site and send it to all advertising agencies you can reach, and if they see in you even the slightest opportunity to make money, they will do everything to:

a) place advertisements on your website;

b) that this advertisement was paid as high as possible, because all advertising agencies work for a percentage of the transaction;

c) having colossal work experience, they will do everything for the advertiser to pay exactly as much as the advertising on your site really costs.

And all this will ultimately increase your profit, even with the loss of the percentage taken by the advertising agency, tenfold.

12. Or just know how to wait.

And sometimes the best strategy for attracting high-value ads is to wait quietly. No, you shouldn't lie on the couch and wait for the advertiser to knock on your door. You should work hard and with pleasure on your site, making it better and better. And then the day will certainly come when the advertiser himself will contact you to make an offer that you cannot refuse.

After all, ultimately, the main thing in the success of any Internet project is not the actions that you take around it, but how you make the project itself. After all, it is he himself - his quality, consisting of a multitude of components - that determines the profit he brings.