8 most useful knowledge

Peter Drucker, a business guru, believed that having true power is about selecting and thinking about large amounts of information, and then transforming them into action.

Action is key. We offer you the most effective directions for self-development.

1. Master financial literacy

Apply the rules of working with money in life. Learn how to start your own business and manage your money.

Read the books first:

- Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”;

- Yuri Moroz “Business. A guide for geniuses ";

- Robert Allen, Multiple Sources of Income.

2. Learn to think

There are special thinking techniques. Master them from books:

- Edward de Bono;

- and the theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ).

3. Learn how human memory works

Read the book by Vladimir Kozarenko "Textbook of Mnemonics". If you have children, they will become honors in school simply by using memorization techniques.

4. Learn to read quickly

One month of training - and you will read 2 times faster. Complete all exercises from Oleg Andreev's book "Learn to read quickly."

5. Master the touch typing skill

Exercise for 2 weeks, 15 minutes a day with the Stamina program. And you can surprise your friends by typing blindly. And most importantly, save yourself time in the future on typing.

6. Control your dreams

By learning to control your dreams, you will open up access to your creativity. Take the course "Lucid Dreaming in 7 Days" or read books on dreams. Lucid dreams are exciting adventures, they are like 3D films with your personal participation.

7. Learn the Laws of Success

Successful people know what others don't. There are secrets of success that can be applied to achieve what you want. The most complete collection of working materials about success is collected in the collection "The Magic of Success".

8. Work your emotions. Manage your sexual energy.

The most important stage of development. Namely, unrealized emotions create an obstacle to self-development.

Read the books:

- Alexander Lowen "Psychology of the Body";

- Stanislav Grof "Holotropic Consciousness";

- books by Mantek Chia.