50 Tips to Make Life Easier)

50 useful tips to make life easier) a small selection of tips that I think will be useful to everyone in whatever situation.

Advice - 1: The less we love a girl, the more she likes us ...

Hint - 2: Don't be afraid of the future. After all, you don't even know what you are afraid of

Advice - 3: Do not spare money for pleasure.

Advice - 4: Love. Perhaps this is the most important thing. It is love that fills human life with meaning. Love for family, friends, loved ones, love for your other half, love for animals.

Advice - 5: You will find everything in this world, except for your father and mother ... Take care of them!

Tip - 6: So that the peeled apples for compote, the jam do not turn black, immerse them in cold water in which a little salt is dissolved.

Tip - 7: Place the alarm clock out of reach.

Advice - 8: Always remember that everyone has their own truth and it often does not coincide with yours.

Hint - 9: Large shopping cart = big spending. The empty space of the trolley causes internal discomfort and an understandable desire to fill the space as soon as possible.

Tip - 10: Go offline. Most of the time you spend on the Internet is wasted time that you will never get back. Turn off the internet, get out into the fresh air, take a walk. Do it now!

Hint - 11: If you get burned, cover the burn area with mustard. Leaving it on for a while will relieve pain and prevent blistering.

Hint - 12: Take it easy with criticism. Constructive comments are sometimes necessary, but in everything you need to know when to stop. If the purpose of your criticism is to humiliate a person, and not point out to him his mistakes, then this is no longer criticism, but empty criticism!

Advice - 13: I know it looks stupid, but if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and you are looking forward to a serious relationship to start a family, then try not to have sex for at least a couple of months ... So it is easier to understand what your soul mate is worth, to evaluate her (him) adequately, without sexual desire, and you will definitely not be mistaken with the choice. In addition, parents of Soviet upbringing usually encourage abstinence from sex and this will elevate you in their eyes.

Tip - 14: If your nose is stuffed up, put your tongue in the sky, and then press your finger between your eyebrows. As a result, the opener - the trapezoidal bone that forms the back of the septum of the nose - will move and relieve tension. After 20 seconds, the nose will begin to "lay down".

Tip - 15: Tea or coffee stains from porcelain are removed with a pasty mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and tartar. Rub the stains with it and they will be easily removed.

Tip - 16: Chocolate Bar: A few chunks of dark chocolate can help reduce stress and boost your mood. Dark chocolate regulates levels of the stress hormone cortisol and stabilizes metabolism, but keep in mind that it is not advisable to overuse it.

Hint - 17: Cola dissolves the gum in the hair. Dip the sealed strand in a glass of cola for a few minutes

Hint - 18: Work. Many people are looking forward to retirement, dreaming of saying goodbye to their jobs. Meanwhile, it is work that supports the activity of our brain.

Tip - 19: Send a text message to your e-mail with a declaration of love.

Advice - 20: There is no bad, there is something that makes you sad.

There is no good, there is something that pleases you.

Hint - 21: Do not store your car alarm key fob on your keychain. Otherwise, you can stay out of the car with the engine running and the locks locked.

Tip - 22: When someone asks you a question and you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know this?"

Tip - 23: Compliment! Instead of focusing on the little things that annoy you about people, focus on what you like about them. It can be anything: a smile, a hairstyle, a voice, new shoes ... As soon as you find a trait that pleases you, let its owner know about it. Compliments work wonders. They can improve a person's mood for the whole day!

Hint - 24: To eliminate the smell of cooking in the kitchen, add some salt to the hot plate.

Advice - 25: To prevent the mosquito bite from scratching for a long time, let the mosquito fly away at will. Its nose will not remain in you.

Hint - 26: Only spend time with the right people.

- These are the people who are pleasant to you, who love and appreciate you, who have a beneficial effect on you. They are the ones who make you feel the taste of life, who not only accept you for who you are, but also embody what you want to look up to.

Tip - 27: Decisions made under the influence of strong emotions are usually wrong. These are lightning-fast reactions based on some kind of instant feeling, not common sense. Don't let your emotions rule your mind. Think carefully before making any important decision.

Hint - 28: Don't waste your time ...

Hint - 29: Be grateful for what you have! People are used to taking themselves, their lives and the people around them for granted. Take a couple of minutes a day to think about what you have and to whom or what you should be grateful for!

Advice - 30: If your hand is numb, shake your head from side to side. "Life" will return to your hand in less than a minute. Often, these sensations in the hand are the result of pinched nerves in the muscles of the neck.

Advice - 31: Marry someone you find interesting to talk to. People change, but sociability does not.

Tip - 32: Look out the window: If you constantly look at the TV screen or monitor, then five minutes of contemplation of real life outside the window can be great to clear your mind.

Hint - 33: How to queue less: The rule of the extreme cash register: the most distant and hard-to-reach cash register usually costs the least people. Not always, but often works at McDonald's, supermarkets and passport control.

Tip - 34: Chilled boiled water will freeze faster. This will come in handy if you need ice urgently.

Hint - 35: What is the best thirst quencher?

Water: Refreshes and detoxifies the body, perfectly quenches thirst. Water contains minerals that the body needs.

Hint - 36: Healthy breakfast. The best way to fuel your brain is with fiber and carbohydrate-rich foods like wholemeal bread, cereals, rolled oats, or fresh fruit. If there is little time in the morning, make a quick milkshake with fruits or rolled oats with honey and applesauce: milkshakes are ideal breakfasts, quick and healthy for the body.

Hint - 37: Removing the top layer of the onion along with the husk will also reduce the amount of tears shed.

Advice - 38: If you want to be a happy person, do not rummage in your memory.

Advice - 39: How not to run into a police check: Buy a large bouquet of flowers. For some mystical reasons, police usually do not stop people with bouquets - and this is what, in particular, drug dealers in many countries of the world use.

Hint - 40: Don't throw words on the wind, don't talk too much, and try to make sure everything you say is sincere. Avoid gossip.

Advice - 41: Do not compare your life with the lives of others. You have no idea what they went through and you don't know their whole journey.

Hint - 42: You need to pour your feelings out. Worse if you stop doing this, otherwise they will accumulate and harden inside, and then die

Advice - 43: If at the beginning of a conversation you tell the caller that your cell phone battery is running out, he will speak to the point ...

Tip - 44: If you need to overcome an erection (for example in transport), squeeze your buttocks as much as possible. In a maximum of 30 seconds, everything will settle down.

Tip - 45: If you are afraid to forget something in the morning, just shove it into your shoes.

Advice - 46: A woman, like a car, should only be owned by one owner ... Otherwise, it's public transport! :)

Hint - 47: Do not go back to those who have abandoned you themselves.

Hint - 48: Never dwell on the bad, because of this you can miss out on something good.

Hint - 49: Don't speak unless it changes the silence for the better.

Tip - 50: If the site has a pdf file that you want to translate, enter the path to the file in the google translator field and you will see the translation