You and his ex-lover: how to stop comparing yourself to her

Oh yeah! She was the queen of sex. She was unfamiliar with the word "no", she did not know either tiredness or complexes, she adored all types of sex, especially those that are not to your liking. I finished with one touch, did such things that you never dreamed of ... Stop. We remove the noodles from our ears and begin to think sensibly.

A tactful person will not rant in the presence of new love about the merits of the old one. Period, end of paragraph.

But we do not live in an ideal world. And this absurd situation is not so rare when you say: “Oh, dear, no, I don’t want to, I am so painful and unpleasant”. And he replies: “It's strange. And Masha was so turned on that she literally jumped out of her pants. " Or you say: "I'm sorry, but I would like to see all this last a little longer." And he to you: “Strange. During this time Masha managed to finish five times. "

And the most amazing thing is that he did it with her four times a day, but with you ... Well, you know. And you can't help yourself: you start comparing yourself to her. She is surrounded in your mind by a kind of demonic halo, this damn Masha. "What's wrong with me?" You ask yourself. How does he live with you after such and such an erotic tale?

Do not rush to torture yourself. Most likely, all this is far from the truth.


You know that guys start to brag and lie about their intimate life as boys. This is their analogue of the peacock's tail, loose in front of females and other males. In fact, that girl from the eighth "A" refused him, his penis is five centimeters less than he says, all those depraved nights happened with the heroes of his favorite porn videos, and not with him, but "twenty times a night" is he did not count orgasms, but counted frictions.

For some, this "growing pain" disappears along with youthful acne, while for others, gray hair remains. You know: people get sick with chickenpox even in adulthood, only it is more severe. So in this case: the consequences of his boasting hurt your pride more painfully. Just because you don't expect it to be a lie. And you do not suspect that "we made love all night" means that he once lasted twenty minutes instead of the usual five.

Think about it: you think you are comparing yourself to your boyfriend's previous lover, but in fact you are comparing yourself, real and alive, with his stories about her. Which in his imagination have already undergone significant editing. Because he is a dreamer. Or because he is trying to take you to the "weak": she could, but you can not?


Do you know how many women fake orgasms? According to polls, about 70%. So all his stories about the incredible pleasure that your predecessor experienced, you only had to lightly stroke her chest, divide by seventy.

It is quite possible that in fact it was like this: as soon as he hugged her, as she pretended that she was "everything" to get rid of as soon as possible. The guy, in fact, sat on a starvation ration, but consoled himself with the fact that he was "one hundred percent" satisfied with his girlfriend, while she simply did not feel anything.


Tell him honestly that such comparisons are unpleasant to you. Ask why he remembers her in this way: maybe this is his way of letting you know how he would like to change your intimate life? Assure that you are ready to meet him and think about how to make your sex better and more interesting, but suggest that, when talking about you, he speaks about you and about him, and not about him and that girl.

There is no ideal sex, it's just that the past is easy to idealize. If everything was absolutely smooth for them, they would not part. It's time to live for today, and not tales of the past.