Flowers and plants to help you sleep well

The quality of your sleep depends on which plants are in your room. Here are the best candidates for your bedroom.


She is "mother-in-law's tongue" and "pike tail". The record holder for the production of oxygen per day. Provides healthy sleep.

How to care: Watering every two weeks. Lives in any light.


Promotes relaxation. Known for this since time immemorial. A live plant smells stronger than a dried plant, so get yourself a pot of lavender.

How to care: likes bright sunlight. In the summer, you can even put it on the balcony.


Perfectly absorbs harmful formaldehydes and mold spores from the air. Keeps the air you breathe in your sleep clean.

How to care: Grows in the shade and is therefore ideal for dark bedrooms. Water once a week.


Has a great scent that has a calming effect.

How to care for her: Needs bright but indirect light.


A beautiful flower with a delicate scent that has been proven to have a sedative effect. Less anxiety, better sleep.

How to care: likes indirect sunlight and moderate watering. It starts to rot very easily from excess water.