15 mistakes you make when trying to lose weight

This is Karla, she has been consulting with a nutritionist for the past seven months. Several years ago, she tried to lose weight. But all her attempts failed until she went to a specialist.

As a result, she not only lost weight, but also learned what healthy habits to acquire.

And most importantly, she realized all the mistakes she made before, whenever she tried to lose weight. And it would not hurt you to find out what kind of errors these are.

1. Eat only three times a day.

Compulsory three meals a day are breakfast, lunch and dinner. But don't underestimate either a light snack or two (almonds / other nuts, protein-rich foods, vegetables).

2. There are few vegetables

Want to lose weight? Eat vegetables. Feeling hungry? Eat vegetables. Not sure what to eat? Not hard to guess.

3. Do not eat certain foods

Nutrition articles often recommend avoiding carbohydrate-rich foods as well as fatty foods. It is not right. That's right - it's a balanced diet that includes all food groups at every meal.

4. Sit on a fashionable diet

The Atkins diet, the alkaline diet, the soup diet - none of them will help you lose weight in a healthy way, and most importantly, for a long time. Most likely, you will get better again very soon.

5. Eat very little or nothing for breakfast

If you don't eat breakfast, you will feel a lack of energy.

6. Do not do any physical exercise

Do you want to see changes for the better? Eat well, eat healthy foods, and exercise. There is no other way.

7. Overeating under stress

Stress makes us finish a whole bag of chips or a whole bar of chocolate. But there are foods that are much healthier for us, and that help fight stress effectively, for example, all the same amazing vegetables.

8. Believe that "low calorie foods do not promote weight gain"

Don't fall for this bait. Even if you eat something low in calories, that doesn't mean you can't eat too much.

9. Follow a detox diet for weight loss

This is probably the worst method to lose weight. You will not be able to eat solid food for several days, you will become weak and feel disgusting.

10. There are only salads

As already mentioned, vegetables are very healthy, but, like everything in this life, an excess of vegetables will not lead to anything good, especially if you refuse other food groups.

11. No "days off" if you lose weight

Don't believe the myth that just one “wrong” meal can ruin all the progress you've made over the course of a week. Nothing will happen if you somehow eat a burger with fries or enjoy a milkshake, but if this is followed by a taco (hot tortilla with a filling), and at the end you allow yourself two beers and a pizza, because “eh, was not, two deaths will never happen, and one cannot be avoided, ”then your results will really decline or even come to naught.

12. Or deprive yourself of your favorite foods forever

If you love ice cream, indulge yourself from time to time. As long as you manage to keep the treat and healthy food balanced, you should be fine.

13. Don't eat anything before exercise

This is a sure way to feel bad.

14. Blindly Believing Superfood Ads

A dietary product is often advertised. But he's not magical. Some of the foods will provide you with more fiber, others will fill you up faster, but again, it's all about a balanced diet.

15. Come up with a diet without consulting a specialist

This is the same as self-medication. Each person has his own unique organism, therefore everyone's needs are different. Understand your needs and try to find a qualified nutritionist with whom you can complete at least one course of the nutritional program.