In order not to think about how to fix mistakes, think about how to avoid them.

Our past made us who we are today. We consist of meetings with people, books read, rash actions and accidents that came into our lives by our will. There were mistakes that left scars and negative memories, there were tragedies that could have been avoided, but at that moment there was not enough wisdom to make the right decision. And what now, how to correct the mistakes of the past, because time cannot be turned back?

Awareness is the first step to healing

People do not want to remember the events that hurt them. On the contrary, they try to abstract themselves from them, hide them in the most secret corners of the soul. The first step to healing is realizing that this past has become part of your present and is affecting you.

Situations affect the emotions of the human soul at different depths. Regretting the past can be different. Someone regrets the lost opportunities that cannot be returned, the resources that were wasted. Others are tormented by thoughts of how to return the past and correct the mistakes that radically affected their future life, which is why everything did not go as we would like.

First of all, you need to appeal to your memory and get from there that which worries. Realize that this situation causes unpleasant emotions and does not allow you to be happy in the present day. We must honestly admit to ourselves that the past cannot be returned. Forgive yourself for what you did or didn't do when you needed it. Forgive yourself for missing a good chance, making the wrong choice, making a mistake that has now haunted you for many years. It is impossible to go back and do everything differently, you need to think about how to live with it and how to fix what can be fixed.

Disbelief in yourself is a path to mistakes

The mistakes can be different, but most often people remember exactly the mistakes of their youth, when they had little experience, and they did not want to hear the advice of their elders.

A young personality can be morally unstable, the smallest failures knock the ground out from under their feet, relatives undermine faith in themselves with their remarks, and further movement in life becomes incredibly difficult, and achieving even small goals is unrealistically difficult.

If you do nothing with low self-esteem, then it will be difficult in life to achieve high results and satisfaction from what you are doing. Now there is a large amount of literature on personal growth, on self-development. By following the recommendations, you can achieve good results.

Do not underestimate the effect of complexes, they have a very destructive effect on the personality. Often they arise in childhood, but their influence can continue into a conscious age.

To figure out how to correct the mistakes of the past, it is necessary to consider each situation separately.

Desire to be right

This behavior is imposed from early childhood. Praise for obedience and censure for wrongdoing build up enduring dependence. Even adults do not know how to refuse, because they are afraid of losing the disposition of completely strangers.

Admit to yourself that you don't like living by someone else's rules, and don't let others tell you what to do. You don't have to be liked by everyone. If someone is not happy with something, this is his problem, not yours.

Little time for family

How people regret that they spent little time with their loved ones. When relatives are not around, incredible bitterness comes from the fact that a lot of time is lost, a lot is left unsaid or too much said. Unfortunately, such mistakes of the past years cannot be returned. The main thing is to draw the right conclusions and be close to those we love as much as possible.

This does not mean that you need to spend all your time together or live with your parents until old age. This is not at all about that. The main thing is not to forget to congratulate you on the holiday, to call to find out how you are doing, to visit each other more often, to be on good terms.

Career took first place in life

In youth, ambitions and far-reaching plans can be so powerful that against their background everything else is overshadowed. There is no time to build a family, it is too early to give birth to children, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of time on them and there will be nothing left for work. There is no time to rest, otherwise if you relax, then others will take a good place. And on new projects, building global plans energy is spent, and with it youth and health.

Career is an important component of life, it provides opportunities for self-realization, but it should not be given the first place. In order not to think about how to correct the mistakes of the past in retirement, learn now to relax, have fun and have fun.

Early old age

There is heredity, and it's hard to argue with that. Someone looks young for a long time, others much older than their age. But now the question is not about external old age. You can hear the following phrase from people: "I am an old sick person." Moreover, these people are not yet old and do not look sick either. This is an internal state that turns even young people into old people. Get away from such phrases! Youth passes so quickly that you just need to have time to enjoy it. When real old age comes, with it will come an understanding of the missed opportunities and joys, but then it will really be too late.

Negligent attitude to health

Older people know well where which organ is. And not because they studied well at school, but because he had already made itself felt in the form of painful sensations.

In youth it is even difficult to imagine what it is - "hurts". This is just a deceptive feeling that sets you up for carelessness and an irresponsible attitude to health. The body is destroyed by bad habits, lack of sleep at night, stupid fights, and then people, clutching at sore spots, say that these were mistakes of youth.

What was, what was ...

Life is unpredictable, and anything can happen in it, but you can't dwell on failures. Everyone has disappointments and mistakes, the main task is to learn how to move forward. Who knows, if the failures of the past were canceled, others, larger and more traumatic, would not have come for them? It is not given to know this.

But how to fix the mistakes of the past? Start living by your own interests, giving yourself little joys. Work out negative programs and attitudes that interfere with living fully. Positive thinking and attitude have a beneficial effect on every person and give vitality.