How to raise a real man

1. Teach your son to verbalize what he is feeling.

A toddler can scream with despair, hide from embarrassment, bite with excitement, and cry with fear. Explain to him that these are emotions that dictate how the body should behave. Show him other people who feel the same way but express their emotions differently. Discuss your own emotions with your child. When he grows up one day, he will know the difference between anger and embarrassment, disappointment and grief, he will learn to cope with his emotions and express them competently, while not being embarrassed or feeling guilty.

2. Be your child's biggest fan.

Most likely, you will embarrass your son more than once by starting to perform songs of his school rock band at a family holiday or show his childhood photos to girls, collect the most stupid (in his, of course, look) diplomas, awards and achievements, write in his blog that he has problems at school and so on. Most likely, one day he will tell you: "Stop it, mom, stop." He will blush, but know that there is at least one person who ALWAYS cheers for him.

3. Teach your son to clean up, cook, wash socks and iron shirts.

He may never need it, but one day his wife will be grateful to you.

4. Read to him and with him.

Children become readers on their parents' lap. The child should see that you are reading too. Tell him what you are reading. About your favorite books and heroes. Explain to him why it is so important to read books. And read together, and then discuss what you read, think out, fantasize, draw your favorite fairy tales - teach your child to be an active reader.

5. Encourage him to dance!

Music, rhythm and dance are a universal language that everyone understands. And free control of your body is a necessary skill for harmonious development. Dance with your child, praise his awkward movements!

6. Make sure he has examples of good people - smart, courageous, strong, talented, and honest.

Tell him about great writers, travelers, researchers, scientists, artists, astronauts, photographers, artists, etc. About how they lived and what it cost them to achieve success. Not only about men, but also about women. And that internal beauty is often more important than external.

7. Be an example of such a person.

You are already a superhero - it's true, don't doubt it for a second. But every day you prove to your little son that you are beautiful, smart and honest. You are his ideal woman, a model for everyone else.

8. Teach your son good manners: saying thank you and please, shaking hands with women, offering help, giving way, etc. This will make the world around him a little better.

9. Give him something to believe in.

Your boy will often feel fear or anxiety, pain or grief, or just need you when you are not around. Give him something he can turn to when he feels lonely so he knows that he will never be alone. Never.

10. Teach him that sometimes you have to be very gentle - to small children, animals, flowers and the feelings of other people.

11. Give him the opportunity to spoil the number of things that he will spoil anyway.

If you get upset every time your boy comes home with dirty and torn clothes, you will be in a hopeless struggle. Do not waste energy on anger in front of inevitability - boys learn about the world, climbing trees and fences, jumping into puddles, spilling and falling. This is the order of things.

12. Get carried away by his interests.

Learn all the intricacies of football and learn the names of the players of your favorite team, or better the national team, learn all the songs of your favorite group or the names of different engines, understand the difference between Gryffindor and Slytherin, or learn to draw pandas ... Be an active participant in his life, and not an outside observer.

13. Go outside together.

Turn off the TV, turn off video games, put the phone on the charger and move the camera away. Just go outside and follow your child, look at him, investigate his reactions, ask questions. It looks like magic, try it.

14. Let him fail.

As much as you want, your child will not be able to be a winner forever. You tell him, "You are a winner because you tried, " but he doesn't think so at all and he feels disappointed. And this is good, because sometimes life gives out such twists and turns, from which we do our best to protect our children. But this practice will come in handy for him later, when he loses again (and again, and again, and again, and again ...). Teach him that sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses. But that doesn't mean giving up.

15. Give him the opportunity to help others.

There is a big difference between giving the opportunity to help and forcing it to help. To give an opportunity is to kindle a fire in the heart, which one day will shine into a big fire and illuminate the whole world. Be an example yourself - help each other.

16. Explain to him that practice helps to achieve perfection.

This applies not only to sports or music, but to everything in life. Develop the right habits to help a grown man handle everything in life with ease.

17. Answer him when he asks: "Why?"

Answer him or seek the answer together. Show him where to find the answer (ask dad, grandmother, grandfather, encyclopedia, or on the Internet). Ask him a counter question, so that he himself begins to think. If ever, he will be too embarrassed to ask you anything - he will know where to look for the answer.

18. Let dad teach him the most important things.

If you allow your dad to be immersed in the process of raising a child from the very beginning, someday your son will form the right opinion: his dad knows EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD. You will always be a beloved mom, but dad for a boy is a special person who knows the answers to all questions.

19. Give him something to release energy — drums, a punching bag, open space, water, or a dog. Give him something to freak out and "go crazy" - or he will use something of yours, which you can later regret very much.

20. Always carry wet wipes and adhesive plaster with you.

21. Build him a fortress.

Throw cushions on the floor, move chairs together, throw a couple of blankets over them, and your living room becomes a cave of wonders. It is an important knowledge that every ordinary thing has an inner potential to become magical.

22. Take it with you everywhere and everywhere: to work, to meetings with friends, to travel. Each new place opens his heart, makes him think and leaves memories.

23. Kiss and hug him!

Any mother of sons will tell you that little boys are very loving and gentle. They can be harsh, wild and destructive all day long, but there are times when they are very kind, gentle and sensitive. Therefore, kiss and hug your child when he is 2 months or 16 years old, and especially when he is naughty and naughty. Do not be afraid to grow a sissy out of him - boys really need love! And make sure he knows a mom can kiss her son, no matter how big he is or where they are.

24. Be HOME for him.

When your toddler learns to walk, he only moves a few steps away from you and then comes back. Then a little further, and again runs to you ... When he learns to draw, he will be waiting for your proud smile. When he learns to read, he will read the same book aloud 20 times, because his mother will listen to him with enthusiasm 20 and 50 times. When he plays football, he will look for your face in the stands.

When he gets sick, he will call you. When he really messes up something, he will call you. Even when he becomes an adult and strong, he can cry on your shoulder, not embarrassed by his feelings. Even when he completely grows up and a new woman and a new house appears in his life, you will still be his mother. Something constant and unchanging, like the sun. The most important thing that your son should know is that he is always in your heart, and everything else, as they say, will follow.