Zeroing and general cleaning of your life

You can't put water in a glass full. This is one of the fundamental principles of any change. It is impossible to radically change life and rewrite history on your sheet, if you act on the basis of the unanimated baggage of experience.

Your puzzle of life will always come together in the same picture, if you use the same elements, how many times do not mix them at the start.

It is necessary to begin the conscious creation of oneself and one's new experience with zeroing.

Not with a search for goals, not with a declaration of a vision of oneself in five years, not with questions of mission and purpose. This whole process will be confused about old ideas, which, moreover, take a lot of energy.

You need to start by throwing out all the trash from your life: on the physical, energy and mental levels.

The uncontrolled accumulation of the past leads to two things:

1. Endless replay of your past. Life becomes like déjà vu.

2. Slowing down the speed of life This is when you look at those who are doing three times more, and do not understand how they do it. Success in life and realization in all areas is possible only at fast speed.

It makes sense to clean up life in all three dimensions: past, present and, don't be surprised, future. Yes, in your future, too, there is a lot of shit in the form of ideas about it, forgive me for being so direct, but it also needs to be cleared.

I suggest starting with the present. It is the most substantive, here and now. Complete cleansing of the current moment from trash will already give you noticeable strength and fresh energy, and you still need it.

The main thing is to remove all hanging questions from the to-do list.

I want to note that here it is not proposed to immediately polish your present, like Cinderella, (although this is useful!) - first you need to put things in order and close the "hangings", even by zeroing them. You need to remove tasks from the waiting list or start them in the process if they hang there for more than a few weeks. This will give a tremendous influx of new energy.

And now in more detail. What will those who really intend to collect a new picture of their experience do in the next weekend:

1. Throwing out the trash

We get rid of all the trash. For a start - from your home. We throw it out, distribute it, take it to the shelter. But not according to the principle "I will put it in a box, somehow I will bring it to the church." And we are really taking away. We do not leave anything on the waiting list.

What is trash?

That's all you don't use. Let's do this: everything that you have not used during the year (this is very loyal), you need to remove-distribute-sell-throw away:

- Clothes that you do not wear.

- Most of the souvenirs, except for those that really create coziness in the interior (in fact, this is the smallest part of what you have).

- Unsuitable or outdated dishes, appliances.

The more you "dig up", the better it is for you. Understand that every thing, literally every one, is a particle of your energy, look at them soberly and take into your new experience only what you need there and will delight you. Approach all things with the question "Do I want to leave this energy or let a new one come in its place?"

You can't put water in a glass full.

You empty your glass yourself. How much you pour out, so much will pour in. If you are greedy, do not be surprised that big changes will simply have nowhere to enter.

In general, general cleaning of the house is a game called "How ready I am to let new experiences into my life."

As much as you throw away, you are ready.

By the way, this applies to all your spaces, including a workplace in an office, a summer residence, a car, a private jet and whatever else you have. Surprise your colleagues - really clean your desk, start the real uncovering process.

2. We throw out the files

Garbage disposal is a flower. It's time to throw out the files! How much time do you spend on the computer and on the net? This is also your space, although virtual, it is also a part of your energy.

We are used to storing everything on a computer. Why throw it out? The hard drive is enough for everything.

Here the principle is the same: purification is the release of energy. Leave only what you like and dear. Why keep a movie you don't like? Why keep some old goofy files? It's all a piece of you. We carry it with us, realizing that the more cargo, the slower the speed, or will we make room for a new one?

Debriefing is required not only for your personal, but also for your work computer, as well as virtual accounts: social networks, blogs, websites.

3. Putting things in order, giving things their place, organizing files

I have never been on the side of strict purity, even cultivated a creative disorder for a long time, hiding behind my penchant for art.

Now I will say this: a harmonious order (not fanatical, but systematized, when a thing has its place) is the key to a good and effective functioning of affairs, especially if the time has come to accelerate. You will not be able to switch your life to a new speed if chaos reigns on your desktop and in your apartment.

4. Filtering incoming information

Tidiness and cleaning are also needed by the flow of your incoming information. In general, it is food for the mind and the work of your mind depends on its quality. There is no other way to put it.

Information intoxication - have you heard? This is a common ailment that many people are infected with now. They read everything on the net, endlessly repost quotes from great people, completely atrophying the ability to hear the voice of their soul.

Information has the ability to accumulate, it does not leave our subconsciousness anywhere, so it must be carefully filtered. Letting in only what is valuable and immediately launching it into implementation - then it teaches and develops us, otherwise it clutters up the channels, creating a powerful informational noise. This leads to making mistakes along the way due to the inability to hear the voice of your soul.

Therefore, today I recommend doing the following:

Clean up your friend feed.

Remove those friends whose reading does not resonate with you and does not inspire you.

Clean up your walls.

Remove or hide those people whose news is annoying. Especially those who post negative from world events.

Decide on the set of blogs and sites you intend to read.

My main principle of how to personally determine the value of a resource for myself is a response in my soul. When you read something and feel the return inside, this is a quite distinguishable feeling of awareness and a desire for action.

And in no case should it be a tape according to the principle "I was added - I will add and will read." No, this should be a selection of only those resources that fill and delight you personally. It also needs to be regularly cleaned and replenished with new resources.

5. We finish unfinished business or reset them

It is important to complete all cases from the "pending" list: either transfer them to the "in progress" status and actually do and do, or reset them to zero. It is better to decide for yourself that at this stage the case is closed and I no longer do it, than to drag this burden with me. You should feel from the inside that all your affairs are done, the current processes are in the schedule, there are no pending questions left. This is the "first speed" in order to approach the question "What do I want from this life?" and move towards conscious change.

In conclusion. The process of general cleaning of your present consists of two key points: getting rid of trash at all levels and ordering things, including the incoming information flow.

Customize your channels so that only high-quality, useful information comes to you in moderation, and you will see how your world will transform.

It is possible to create yourself anew only if you understand that the old experience is not your advisor in this.

Now for the cleaning!