The correct sleeping position

Sleep is of great importance to a person. During rest, he gains strength, increases immunity and allows absolutely all vital systems of the body to recover. That is why every person who monitors their well-being needs to know the correct position of the body in a dream. This article will be devoted to this issue.

What position should you take

And so, the best posture for resting is on the left side. All other postures negatively affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract and increase blood pressure. So train yourself and all family members to stick to this position.

If, during sleep, you roll over onto your back or right side, then there are several effective ways to get rid of this habit.

To make the correct sleeping position dominant for you, use these tips:

You can sew tennis balls onto your nightgown, one on the back and one on the right side. Then, when you roll over, you will wake up and return to the starting position. Of course, the method is not very convenient, but effective.

Another method is to place a pillow or towel roll under your back.

Now you know what position is good for sleeping, but this article does not end there, and we want to give you a couple of tips to improve the effectiveness of personal rest.

How to improve sleep

If you fall asleep for a long time or suffer from insomnia and nightmares, then our tips will be useful to you. Firstly, for lovers of oriental scents, you can light aromatic lamps or sticks half an hour before going to bed.

Second, try to go to bed at the same time. This will train the body to fall asleep faster. Third, try to go to bed only to sleep. Do not use it as a banal recreation - for reading books, watching TV.

Moderate physical exertion also contributes to a quick bedtime, just half an hour before bedtime - walk down the street or go in for physical activity.