How to keep a friendship forever

Do you have friends or at least one friend? Then you are a very happy person. And let it seem to you that having friends is absolutely natural; in fact, this is far from the case. Otherwise, where would people come from who have no friends at all?

Friendship has a huge impact on our health and well-being. A friend will gladly share his joy with you, or offer his support and help in the most difficult and unpleasant moments of life.

Friendship is what saves us from loneliness and gives us a chance to feel needed and needed on this planet, even if you have not started a family. However, don't think that building friendships is easy.

You need to understand the importance of friendship in your life; evaluate your capabilities and the strength that may be required of you in order to develop and nourish your friendship. Here are ten simple but very important tips to help you become a true friend.

True friendship

Be there for sorrow and joy

Hard times are an inevitable part of our life. We grow through our good and bad life experiences. And we are grateful when, in difficult moments of our life, there is someone who is ready to support us.

It is not always easy to cope with difficult life moments that arise in relationships between friends. However, if you are able to go through these trials, your friendship will become stronger and deeper. Don't give up on your friends and their support!

Be honest

Being honest to the end is probably one of the hardest parts of the friendship process. People do not always, though, hear the truth about themselves or their actions. But this is exactly what you should expect from a true friend.

It is necessary to call a spade a spade - even if it is given with difficulty. Because it is not so important how your friend will react at the moment - but if he is a real friend, then such a person should appreciate the fact that you are honest with him.

Encourage your friend

Encouragement and inspiration are some of the most important things that will help you become a true friend and see such friends around you. It doesn't matter how lousy your mood is - a true friend will always make it clear that you are special and that everything will be OK.

A true friend will always support you on your path, giving you the strength to realize that you can overcome this path. A true friend will never stop supporting and encouraging you, even if you have achieved your goal; rather, it will help you find your next target!

It is necessary not only to take, but also to give

As in any other relationship (for example, business or love), it is impossible to just constantly take. To become a good friend, you need to learn to give your friend what he needs (your time, a truthful word, provide other support).

In addition, you must also learn to accept what your friend gives you in return. Don't ask too much by implying that you have given more. But it's worth striking a balance between these things to show that you respect and appreciate your friend's attention.

Overpower yourself sometimes

From time to time in a relationship between friends, someone may have the feeling that they are being used. This is an unpleasant moment. But don't chop off the shoulder! Even so, make an effort to stay friends for as long as possible.

Perhaps your friendship is now in a period where you can give more to your friend. Perhaps after a while you will switch roles. Believe me, this is the least you can do, and therefore always stay in touch - a true friend will do just that.

Strong friendship

Respect what sets you apart.

There is no doubt that the best relationships are built on mutual interest. However, being a good friend means respecting the boundary where your mutual interests end. To maintain friendly relations, one must learn to recognize this boundary in time.

In fact, the strongest relationships are between people who differ slightly in some interests. It is worth respecting these differences (even cardinal ones), as they help friends develop and complement each other.

Don't take friendship for granted

It doesn't matter how long you have been friends. It also doesn't matter how strong you think your friendship is. You should never take a relationship like this for granted, completely free of charge.

History knows a huge number of cases when the strongest friendships fell apart for the most insignificant reasons. Do not allow yourself to underestimate friendship, as it is a real value and your wealth that should be cherished.

Do not judge

When people start judging each other, then true friendship ends. Of course, as mentioned earlier, real friends are free (moreover, they should even) tell the truth to each other, otherwise it cannot be.

However, you should not confuse sincerity with a desire to condemn your friend for some act or word spoken. Also, avoid comparisons - and especially God forbid you to speak in such a way that someone is better friends! Be wiser.

Selfless friendship

Strive to focus on positive things

And again we return to the fact that true friends should try to tell each other the truth. The point is that finding flaws and pointing out them is the easiest thing to do. However, the secret to true friendship is to seek out and reward positive moments.

It doesn't matter how much negativity your friend may throw out when he is in a bad mood! But it is extremely important to redirect it in a positive direction. Who, if not the best friend, knows how to do it most effectively and least painlessly?

Be a friend to yourself!

How you feel about yourself is also very important. To become a good friend to someone, you must first become a good friend to yourself! The basis of your relationship to other people is how you relate to yourself!

Do not succumb to depression, try to nurture positive emotions in yourself, love yourself in the end; and then the universe will open its arms to you, giving you the kind of friend you really deserve!