Choosing a sconce

Did you know that a sconce (wall lamp) in French means "whole hand"? Funny, isn't it? Indeed, wall lamps are convenient because you just have to reach out to turn them on. You can buy sconces, as well as other types of chandeliers and lamps, by clicking on the link They are not intended for general lighting, but for small jobs and spot lighting, these luminaires are very suitable.

In a modern apartment, wall sconces find a wide variety of uses. Try to name at least one room, wherever they come in handy. We assure you - nothing will come of it. Judge for yourself: in the hallway, wall lamps are often used to illuminate mirrors. In addition, designers advise buying sconces in the corridor if you need to hide the flaws in the decor - for this, wall lamps that give soft, diffused, local light are much more suitable than suspensions or chandeliers.

In the living room, wall lamps are simply irreplaceable. In this room, the style-forming influence that they carry is especially important. In this case, it is worth paying special attention to ensuring that the sconces and chandeliers are in harmony with each other. Then the sconces will serve as a great addition to the chandelier. If these are Tiffany wall lamps, they will not only create the appropriate mood in the living room, but also become an indicator of your taste and social status - it is not for nothing that Tiffany's style has always been associated with luxury and wealth. It is imperative to buy a sconce if you have a cozy corner in the living room, because sconces with their soft light help you to relax.

In the bedroom, too, you cannot do without a sconce. In this case, it is better to choose bedside lamps, the shades of which are lowered down. Whenever you decide to read a little before bed, they will help you out.

If you hang wall sconces on both sides of the bed, you can buy a sconce with one lamp. The light of these sconces will be enough to create a soft additional lighting in the bedroom. If you plan to hang a lamp above the bed, in the center of it, it is better to buy a sconce with two lamps. Do not forget about the color scheme - lamps, or rather, the color of the glass of their shades, give the lighting a certain tone, and accordingly, the perception of the whole room changes.

Quite often, sconces are placed over a mirror or dressing table. In this case, when choosing wall lamps, remember that the sconce light you decide to buy should not "cut" your eyes.

A separate topic is a sconce for a nursery. Every parent strives to give the child the best, therefore, wall lamps of the highest quality are always chosen for the children's room. Along with the quality, which is traditionally high among renowned light manufacturers, a number of other requirements are imposed on children's lamps, the main of which is complete safety for the child.