Choosing a body cream

Many women pay attention to the care of the skin of the face and hands, using scrubs, masks, lotions, while forgetting that the body also requires the same careful and attentive care. Unfortunately, a woman ages faster than a man, as her skin is thinner and more vulnerable. Therefore, body skin care should be started after 20 years, and for this, every woman's arsenal must also contain body creams that can help not only maintain the skin in good condition, but will also contribute to its delayed aging, which is important for any woman. ...

There are several types of body creams and their use should be appropriate for the woman's skin type. For dry skin of the body, it is necessary to purchase a fat body cream with a thick consistency, which contains a variety of oils, antioxidants and dimethicone. Moisturizers are suitable for oily skin, and for sensitive skin, creams with soothing herbal extracts such as chamomile, calendula or aloe.

Most women, especially those in their 30s, often experience problems such as dry, flaky or itchy skin. This is especially evident in winter from the effects of cold wind outside and dry indoor air. To solve this problem, you should select body creams with moisturizing ingredients - oily ingredients that can perfectly compensate for skin lipid deficiency. Most often, these are cocoa butter, lanolin and shea butter. In addition, a good cream with moisturizing ingredients should include humectants that help the skin not only retain moisture, but also relieve it of itching and flaking. These are alpha hydroxy acids and glycerin. A moisturizing body cream that stimulates cell renewal and has a softening effect on rough skin.

For the care of aging, aging skin, body creams with vitamin A are best. Retinoids, which are derivatives of this vitamin, stimulate skin renewal and help exfoliate dead particles. Due to their action, the skin looks younger and fresher.

Nourishing body creams are able to soften the skin by penetrating into the lower layers of the epidermis. They compensate for the evaporation of moisture, since with age, the stratum corneum of the skin begins to lose its ability to retain it. And the fats and oils that make up the nourishing creams make the skin soft and velvety. Such creams promote the renewal of epidermal cells and have a positive effect on dry, sensitive skin. They refresh the skin, leaving it smooth and velvety.

Do not forget about photoprotective creams that trap ultraviolet radiation, which adversely affects the skin, especially in the summer. Using these creams will help prevent wrinkles, age spots and sunburn.

If your skin has an unhealthy color and age spots, you should use a bleaching cream. They contain salicylic acid and perhydrol, which cause flaking and whiten the skin.

Emulsifying creams are dehydrated body creams. They include fatty substances, fats and emulsifiers, which are wax, high molecular weight alcohols and polyalcohols. These body creams are used for cleansing and are easily washed off with water.

After taking a shower, every woman is obliged to remember to apply a body cream that matches her skin type.

If soap is used, a nourishing cream should be used to relieve dryness and flaking of the skin. It should be remembered that the body needs the same thorough and constant care as the skin of the face. It is the body that is an indicator of a woman's youth and health, and if you want to "cheat the time", prolong youth, do not forget to take care of your body.