The best ski resorts in Switzerland: slopes and prices 2019

Switzerland's landscape is conducive to the development of ski resorts. They have established themselves as ideal service and comfort, thorough preparation of routes. However, before planning a trip, Russians should remember about the need to open a visa. If you open documents through a visa center in Moscow (for more details, see here), the processing time of documents will take from 5 working days. If through the embassy - from 3 working days.


The resort, a visiting card of Switzerland, is located near the Matterhorn mountain, which is considered the most recognizable peak in the world. It is prohibited to enter the territory of the resort by personal transport. You can only move around in their electric vehicles. Here is one of the largest and oldest boarding houses in Switzerland (about 135 years old). Tourists are attracted by beautiful mountain landscapes and landscapes, protection of the area from strong winds. The resort is located in 3 villages. The highest point of the resort is 3900 m. The length of the slopes is 362 km.

How to choose the slopes in the resort?

You can decide which slope is better to ride thanks to the map, where the levels of the tracks are indicated in colors.

  • Black slopes - 50 - for professional skiers (Schwarzsee, Triftj).
  • Pistes, marked in red - for vacationers with an intermediate level of preparation. Among them: Khokhtali, Gornergrat.
  • Trockener-Steg, Sunegga - tracks for beginners, marked on the map in blue.

It offers tourists a well-developed service and 34 ski lifts.

How much will the vacation cost? If we take into account only the cost of the ski pass, then for one day for an adult the card will cost 75 Swiss francs. Minors have discounts. Teenagers from 16 to 20 pay 15% less, children from 9 to 16 pay 50% less. A one-day ski pass for children under 9 years old will be free.

All resorts have official websites where you can find detailed information about the rest and cost.

St. Moritz

The first hotels and holidaymakers appeared here in 1864. Today tourists come here who love comfort, chic restaurants and shopping. The resort is located at an altitude of 1850 meters, the highest point is 3300 meters. It is considered the sunniest mountain resort in Switzerland with a picturesque lake.

There are 18 blue runs (70 km long), 61 red runs (246 km), and 9 black runs (36 km).

Tourists also come here for exotic types of routes: golf or polo on ice, car parade, running horses on ice.

An adult lift pass for 1 day will cost CHF 75, for a child - 3 times cheaper.


One of the three most picturesque European resorts. Famous for the village of Interlaken and the highest railway in the world, which leads to Mount Jungfraujoch. The resort welcomes tourists all year round. Most of the trails are for beginners or intermediate hikers. The total length of the ski routes is 215 km.

There are 28 km of slopes for professionals (black slopes), for people with average training - 120 routes, for beginners - 65 slopes. Snowboarders can visit the snow park. People also like to come here for mountaineering, conquering mountain peaks, sledging and ice skating.

A tourist must pay 55 francs per day for a ski pass ticket, and 27 francs for children.


An ideal place for those who want to visit the ski resort and enjoy a swim in the thermal springs. This is an opportunity to improve your health, visit thalassotherapy salons, enjoy the picturesque area. Baths, saunas, spas, and hydromassages have been built near the thermal springs.

An ideal resort for beginner skiers, there are snowboarding and skiing schools. The total length of the slopes is 60 km, the number of lifts is 17.

There are competitions of various levels, festivals and entertainment programs. Those who come on a long vacation with children can even take them here to a special kindergarten. The price of a daily pass is CHF 30 and CHF 19 (for adults and children, respectively).

Crane Montana

You can enjoy skiing here at any time of the year. The main part of the resort is located at an altitude of 1.5 km (on the territory of 2 small villages). The vacationer gets not only rest in the mountains, but also a combination of rural and urban elements, comfortable sports rest. Additionally, you can go hiking, fly in the sky on a balloon, ride horses, visit the pools, and do fitness. There are tracks of all difficulty levels. There are also two specific tracks - for professional athletes and tracks in mountain peaks.

The total length of the routes is 140 km. Tourists can use one of 24 lifts.

Daily ski pass for one adult - 54 francs, for children - 28.

Most boarding houses and attractions in the Swiss Alps are characterized by the epithet "most". Here is the most famous mountain peak, the largest ice grotto, the most expensive and luxurious hotels.