How to choose interior doors. Tips & Tricks

Interior doors are not just opening and closing filling of the opening between rooms. In a modern apartment, high aesthetic and practical requirements are imposed on each element of the interior. And therefore, the task of choosing interior doors is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Even at the design stage, this issue requires a careful and deliberate approach. You should not blindly follow existing solutions for the types and designs of interior doors when carrying out repairs in an apartment. Perhaps bright interior doors will look more organic in your interior, and not classic wood-like. After analyzing and studying all possible options, you can unexpectedly expand the useful space of the living space, find new ideas in high-quality, color and design solutions.

Interior doors can be classified according to the following criteria:

1) opening method and installation option;

2) material of manufacture;

3) design.

How to choose the opening method and installation option?

The most popular door opening solutions are swing doors (one and two-leaf), sliding and book doors.

Compared to classic swing doors, sliding and folded doors can significantly save space. But, at the same time, they have their drawbacks. So, sliding doors provide sound insulation much worse, and book doors require additional time to open and close.

What materials are interior doors made of? Which is better?

For each buyer, including when choosing interior doors, one of the main tasks is to find a "golden" ratio of price and quality. One of the main determining factors in this case is the material of manufacture. Doors can be made of wood, composite materials and artificial materials.

Hardwood doors are the most prestigious and expensive. These are doors made of solid maple, oak, ash, beech, mahogany. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the main advantage of this material is its high strength. Therefore, interior doors made of hardwood meet the needs of the most demanding customer and guarantee a flawless appearance and durability.

Solid pine doors are one of the most common materials for the manufacture of interior doors today. The reason for this popularity is the significantly lower cost of the product compared to similar hardwood doors.

Of course, the attractive appearance, environmental friendliness and affordable price range make this product interesting for the buyer. But do not forget about such a feature of pine products as sensitivity to high humidity and temperature extremes, which can lead to a change in the geometry of the door leaf. In addition, pine belongs to a soft species of wood and therefore even the most significant mechanical damage during operation will leave its marks in the form of dents and scratches.

Doors made of combined materials - made of solid pine, MDF and veneer of valuable wood species. Due to its complex design, such an interior door combines several advantages: excellent appearance, durability and resistance to humidity and temperature extremes. The cost of such a door depends on the materials used.

Doors made of artificial materials are doors made of MDF, chipboard with PVC coating, SPL coating, laminate, eco veneer. This option for the manufacture of interior doors is the most budgetary.

Design solutions

However, the cost of interior doors is determined not only by the value of the material used and the complexity of the structure, but also by the design. The use of glass decor, mirrors, additional wood elements allows us to make an aesthetically attractive product and achieve integrity in the style of the interior, but the cost of such an interior door also increases.