Lighting in the hallway: lighting options

The hallway is the first to greet guests. Therefore, the overall impression of the apartment depends on its interior.

The main role in the design of the hallway is played by lighting fixtures. What kind of lamps to choose so that the lighting of the hallway is interesting and functional.

Lighting in a narrow hallway

If a certain type of lamps is selected, in the online lighting store, then the configuration of the room is taken into account. If it is very long or narrow, then try to correct such proportions with the help of powerful lamps, their stream of light is directed strictly to the walls. Luminaires are wall or ceiling mounted. Everything is individual here. It is important to note that the light rays must necessarily be directed to strictly designated points, which are initially decorated.

High ceiling hallway lighting

If there is a high ceiling in the hallway, then it is advisable to use ceiling lamps together with wall lamps, in which the angle of rotation can be adjusted. If you need to reduce the height, then use directional lighting on the walls, only the ceiling will remain in the shade.

Custom hallway lighting

In the presence of a polygonal hallway, a stylish solution is light zoning. The corners will look more interesting and creative if they are illuminated with several lamps. For example, a combination of a floor lamp, a small sconce, lighting will fill the hallway with an amazing play of light.

Usually the hallway according to the project has no windows, it looks like a closed space. Therefore, for visual expansion, let built-in lamps along the eaves around the perimeter. A suspended ceiling also looks beneficial if light bulbs shine through its translucent surface.

Lighting in a small hallway

In a small hallway, it is recommended to group the lamps along the wall. A suitable option is to use small spotlights that have an angle tilt adjuster. And for the overall room, it is worth using closed-plan diffuse lamps, which will bring an atmosphere of comfort.

Wall lights are suitable for any space. If you choose a lighting fixture for a hallway, remember that the light source must not be placed at eye level. Many models are wall-mounted, creating an interesting design.