Choosing a "blind" ring or the right gift for a girl

Jewelry has always been considered one of the most wonderful gifts. Almost every girl will be happy to see a ring on her finger from a person dear to her. But deciding to choose this particular gift in the jewelry store, many stop because they cannot decide on the size of the product. And if you ask the chosen one for the measurement of a finger, then a surprise will not work.

There are methods to get around this difficulty. But right away it is worth making a reservation that sometimes such methods for identifying the size of the ring can have small errors, but if everything is done carefully, then the probability of making mistakes practically disappears.

Having a girl's ring on your hands, you can independently remove the froze from it. Ring - a sample can be taken in her casket when she goes out on business or delicately removed from her finger. Having obtained such a sample, put it on clean paper and trace the outline, but only along the inner edge. Arriving at the salon with such a drawing, the consultant can easily help you find out its size.

Another way is to roll a piece of paper into a tube and use a sample to put it on this paper. When the sheet unfolds tightly along the diameter of the ring, secure it with tape, but the paper should not be pinched by the ring. In the salon, according to the self-made "finger" presented, pick up the ring.

Having found out the size according to your measurements in the store, you will have to determine further and choose a style. But keep in mind that massive rings do not look at all on short fingers; it is better to select small elegant models without large decorations. If your fingers are a little chubby, then choose asymmetric shapes and refuse round motifs in the design.

But it happens that you have absolutely no idea what to choose, which model. Then the recommended way out is to prefer the classics. Such options suit almost everyone, it can be the Tiffany style.