Sources of outdoor lighting

Architectural lighting of private mansions and houses has been used in the West for many years. In our country, this technology, together with landscape design, is still only at the stage of development.

Currently, outdoor lighting of a suburban real estate object is traditionally performed using street LED lamps, which are installed around the perimeter of the house, fixing directly on the facade of the building. In the event that you want to highlight or emphasize individual elements of the facade of the building, you should install a spotlight that has a special directional beam of light.

Among the main light sources for outdoor lighting, one can single out compact fluorescent and halogen lamps, which are used to create an architectural lighting of a building. Currently, LEDs have also begun to be used for these purposes. To highlight and clearly show the contours of a residential property, special fiber-optic lamps or compact fluorescent lamps, which are often used to illuminate balustrades, cornices or balconies, should be used. This lighting equipment has a soft light that spreads evenly over the entire illuminated surface.

The outdoor lighting of the house is enhanced by the use of halogen lamps, which have optimal light output. In the event that a special light reflection system is used in such lamps, you can independently amplify the beam of light, which will allow you to highlight the necessary elements of the architecture of the house against the general background of the building facade. According to design experts, among the most popular light sources that are currently used for an architectural object of various structures, LEDs stand out best, which surpass halogen lamps in the flux of the emitted light beam.

It is worth noting that halogen lamps, as lighting equipment, lose on average up to 60 percent of their luminous flux. At the same time, the power consumption is six times higher than the level that is spent when using LEDs with high color rendering. According to their characteristics, LEDs are much better than other lighting items. So, LEDs have a color gamut in which there are over 16 million shades. The use of LEDs as outdoor lighting allows you to illuminate your home at any time of the year. LEDs can illuminate the territory or the facade of a building at temperatures down to -40 ° C.

And the product's service life is over one hundred thousand hours. Incandescent lamps are used least often, for the operation of which special transformers are required.